Apple's Airpods 2 May Be Able To Monitor Your Health In This Unexpected Way

Stephen Lam/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Could it be? Are Apple Airpods 2 on the horizon? The rumors say that we may be seeing Apple Airpods 2 in early 2019. For some people, this will be huge news, while others may not be so bothered — because when it comes to tech, few products have been quite as divisive as the Airpods. Apple's Airpods are a love them or hate them product — some people can't live without them, some people think they look like what those fancy racing dogs would wear if they ever became humans. They certainly ain't cheap — they retail at about $159 — and I'm not convinced how anyone can own something that expensive that isn't attached to their body by some sort of cord or stables. But still, they prove very popular, selling out around the world. And rumors that the second generation of Apple Airpods will be released this year are coming thick and fast. But what will Apple Airpods 2 actually look like?

One of the biggest rumors that continues to circulate around the Airpod 2 is that they might have biometric health monitoring capabilities. A number of sources, including Apple Insider, have pointed to this possibility. In fact, Apple Insider looked at patents from 2014 to try to discern what could be coming up in future generations of the Airpods and found some pretty big plans. "According to the patent, the fitness monitoring system is cleverly ensconced in a set of headphones, something users commonly wear to listen to music during workouts," Apple Insider wrote. "By positioning the headset in or near the ear, the embedded activity sensor can pick up temperature, perspiration and heart rate data, among other metrics. In addition to skin-based readings, an accelerometer may also be incorporated into the earbud chassis to facilitate the collection of accurate movement data. Some embodiments call for multiple accelerometers, each corresponding to a different axis."

Sounds pretty exciting — and also fancy AF. But that's not the only thing you can expect from the next generation of Airpods. Here's what you might be seeing on the Airpods 2, because there are rumors all over the place.

Hey Siri

Another big update that some are expecting to see in next round of Airpods is voice control — allowing you to talk to Siri without ever having to reach for your iPhone. Bloomberg reports that an updated wireless chip could make Bluetooth connections a breeze. This means you could turn on voice control with a simple, "Hey Siri" and the Airpods could function like other Apple products.

More Wear And More Control

According to Digital Trends, noise cancellation and water resistance could be some very useful new features of the Airpods 2. To be honest, with earphones that expensive, many of us would expect those to be a given — so they would definitely be a welcome upgrade. They also reported that Apple has patented a new form of pressure sensing technology that sounds straight out of science fiction. It would allow the Airpods to sense the fit in your ear so they could tune the sound uniquely to your ear — but that may be a bit further into the future.

Charging, Colors, And More

On the more-fun-than-function side of things, it may be that charging your Airpods could get easier. There are rumors of an AirPower wireless charging pad, with the ability to charge up to three different items at once according to Mashable. People also keep asking if the Airpods will be available in more colors, but so far we'll have to wait and see on that front — though, come on Apple, a color other than white could come in very handy for not losing those little suckers. Really, it's all guesswork at this point — but rumors are pointing to some very exciting updates on the Airpods 2.

Using Apple Airpods may not be the norm for everyone, but iPhone users will probably migrate that way soon enough. Let's just hope there's a way to magnetize them to your skull by that point, because they are just too pricey to lose.