This Is How July’s Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Body


Mercury began its retrograde on 7 July 2019, and will continue until the very end of the month (31 July, to be exact), so there's plenty of time for it to mess with us. And while I'm using the time period as an excuse for anything stupid I may do (oh, I'm being impatient? Mercury's in retrograde. My work wasn't in before the deadline? The retrograde. I forgot your birthday? IT'S MERCURY, OK?!), it really can have an affect on us. As well as the mind, how does mercury retrograde affect your body exactly? I spoke to a few astrologers to find out.

There are actually plenty of things we can pin on Mercury being in retrograde this month, for example, missing our ex, as Cosmopolitan suggests. Mercury is also responsible for all things communication and commerce, so when it's in retrograde (where it basically slows down and appears to move backwards), it can affect these areas.

But what about our bodies? Well, every astrologer I spoke to confirmed that the planet phenomenon can indeed affect us in this way.

First up, it's worth noting that this current Mercury retrograde is even more intense than normal. Astrologer Helen Fost explains:

"This Mercury retrograde is a particularly potent one since Mercury turned backwards in fire sign Leo and in exact conjunction with fiery Mars and also in a strong connection with both Uranus, planet of unpredictability and Chiron, planet of wounding/healing. Being wedged between two eclipses ups the charge of this."

Sounds intense, right?

But how does that affect our bodies? Well, it sounds as though it's all to do with energy and how we use it.

"The body will inevitably be holding all this volatile energy which can be super creative, great for dance, for sport and creative inspiration," explains Fost.


"However it can be a challenging few weeks emotionally and it would be easy to misdirect this energy which could have unpredictable and serious repercussions," she adds. Eeeeekkk.

Fellow Astrologist Lisa Stockley echoes these views, confirming that this month it will all be about the change in energy.

"Mercury retrograde takes us out of our minds, and one of the places to go is into the body," she says. "With Mercury retrograde in Leo, we may have more or less physical energy than we are used to or we may experience an excess of nervous energy which leaves us feeling scattered and unfocused."

So how is it best to deal with this time of chaos and unsettling energies? Emma Lucy Knowles, crystal healer and author of The Power of Crystal Healing: Change Your Energy and Live a High-vibe Life, explains that playing it safe is probably the best approach to take during this month. She advises avoiding making big life decisions, or having hard or heavy chats if possible, as our wavering energy and potential rage are not helpful. Sticking to your normal routine is something that can also really help, says Knowles.

"I would suggest keeping focused on making your way through your daily habits as a guide to move you through the sluggishness of the drag," she shares. "Also, keep an eye on how your speaking to yourself – don’t give yourself mental verbal lashings for not getting enough done, or getting to and from placed on time."

So in a nutshell, keep your head down, avoid potentially divisive situations, and be kind to yourself.

Hear, hear!