How To Survive Work During This Month’s Mercury Retrograde, According To An Astrologer

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Until we work out a system in which everyone is off work during Mercury retrograde — like a planetary cautionary snow day! — business must literally go during this often chaotic time. In 2019, from Jul. 7 to Jul. 31, Mercury is retrograding again — and while we might have to show up for work during this period, we can alter our attitudes to better our chances of having a disaster-free month. What you should and should not do at work during Mercury retrograde of summer 2019 is not necessarily intuitive.

The apparent backward motion of the planet will inspire a lot of us to look back, reflect and be faced with nostalgia for parts of our lives that we've left behind us, both intentionally and absent-mindedly. And while it might seem dangerous to revisit the things and people and ideas we've moved on from, astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Bustle that it's actually quite beneficial to lean into these desires. Going back is actually going to be a great way to get yourself ready for a super productive and easy-to-navigate August. With the help of Thomas' understanding of Mercury and the ways in which its retrograde effects our professional lives, I've put together a list of do's and don't for the office this month.

You Should Revisit Old Projects


Thomas tells Bustle that we should feel confident leaning into nostalgic inklings. "Anything from the past is favored at this time. Reigniting patterns or actions or projects that you began before will serve you well," Thomas says. So if there are projects that you neglected, it's time to pull them back out and put some new energy into them. If they didn't take off before, they might now. Just wait until after the retrograde to launch the revived project to boost your success rate with it.

You Should Not Agree To Anything Binding


Though Thomas understands that sometimes we don't have a choice in when we deal with contracts and agreements, he encourages us all to wait until August 1 to sign anything, if possible. "Mercury rules negotiations, written and verbal, and will not be happy if you sign that dotted line," he explains. So if you absolutely have to sign something, try to get a clause added for flexibility or just mentally prepare yourself for complications with the contract in the future.

You Should Fix What's Broken


"During this sacred time, you can make wonderful adjustments that’ll improve everything around you and help you live a happier life," Thomas tells Bustle. Whether it's a broken computer that needs to be taken in for tech support or a relationship with a co-worker that's been strained, now is a good time to put energy into repairing it.

You Should Not Launch New Initiatives


If you think you have a great idea, Thomas encourages you to wait until the retrograde period is over before presenting it. "This is a horrible time to premiere or launch anything of importance. Especially communications-related projects," he explains, adding that the audience you're sharing your work with is not going to be their most receptive either. "Do not do run a publicity campaign, start a new job, file taxes, file a lawsuit, or sign a lease," Thomas suggests — of course, if you can avoid it.

You Should Back It Up


Now is the time to back up your phone, your computer and any other devices that store data. Thomas suggests taking it a step further and even photocopying your ID, social security card, passport, legal contracts — basically anything that is very important to you. Even if nothing happens during retrograde, at some point in the future you'll be very happy to have a record of all your sensitive files.

You Should Not Panic


Thomas says to consider this period a gift — it's crisis management training. When things go wrong, you have an opportunity to learn something new. So roll with the punches and don't lean into any doomsday thinking, this will all before soon and you'll be stronger for it.