How Working Out In The Morning Affects You Differently Than Working Out At Night


If you're someone who tends to workout in the evening, the thought of waking up early to get in some exercise likely sounds daunting. However, it could be worth a try to see if morning workouts work well for you. There are a number of surprising things that can happen when you switch to morning workouts from night workouts, and after some time, you might find yourself enjoying getting in a sweat before the day begins.

Thankfully, both exercise in the morning and at night will likely have many of the same effects on your overall health, and the small differences in the effect of morning versus night workouts can be dependent on the person. "Your energy level in the morning may lead to a better workout than after a long day at work, and you may experience more unexpected conflicts in the afternoon, leading to less consistency and therefore less results," personal trainer and Reid Eichelberger, C.S.C.S, tells Bustle. "The challenge is finding out how exercise fits in with all of life's other inputs and priorities."

It might seem hard at first, but it can be useful to give morning workouts a try. Here are six unexpected things that can happen when you exercise in the morning versus at night, according to experts.