Your Moon Sign Has A Bigger Effect On Your Love Life Than You Thought

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Moon children, unite! It's fun and insightful to track the phases of the moon — new moon, full moon, etc. — but it's even more fun when you know your moon zodiac sign. Moon signs don't get as much attention as sun signs do, but everyone has one, and everyone's lives are just as affected by it. In fact, your moon sign is not much different than your sun sign — whereas your sun sign gives insight into how you present yourself to the world, in astrology, the moon sign rules over emotional matters. When it comes to your moon sign, it can show you the way you express yourself emotionally, as well as the ways in which others can make you feel emotionally safe and secure. You might be surprised by how your moon sign affects your love life, too.

When we think of our love lives and romantic/sexual compatibility, we typically think of Venus, planet of romance, and Mars, planet of sex. We look to what signs those planets reside in on our personal natal charts (as well as what our partner's Venus and Mars signs are) to show us how we function in love and lust. But while Venus surely tells you your romance and courting style and Mars tells you how you express your raw passion and sexuality, the moon plays an important role in your love life, too: It can tell you your emotional style as well as the way you want to be nurtured, and those are both major factors when it comes to dating and relationships.

So, like I said, in astrology, the moon is all about our emotions. Obviously, when it comes to love and romance, our emotions tend to get involved (whether we like it or not, TBH) — and this is the part of our love lives that are going to be majorly shaped by whatever sign our moon was in at the time we were born (you can look up your moon sign using an online calculator!). The moon is also considered the most maternal and nurturing of all the planets in astrology, so our moon signs can explain the most personal ways in which we like to feel nourished, comforted, and taken care of. Our lunar energies are definitely indicative of our more private and vulnerable sides — the sides of us we only generally choose to share with others when we feel safe and close with them.

Now that you've had a chance to calculate your moon sign, let's take a look at the influence it has on your love life. Astrologer Lisa Stardust chatted with Bustle about each of the moon sign qualities — and we'll also explore exactly how those qualities affect you when it comes to love, dating, and relationships. Check it out.

Aries Moon

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"The Moon in Aries is a go getter and an initiator," explains Stardust. When it comes to love, Aries moons want action. They're fast movers, and they really need a partner who is willing to challenge them and ride the waves of their fiery, sometimes unrestrained emotions. To feel nurtured, an Aries moon needs someone who can love deeply while also giving them space and independence.

Taurus Moon

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"The Moon in Taurus is loyal and lovable," says Stardust. When it comes to love, a Taurus moon thrives in a slow-moving, sensual, and secure partnership. Gentle and loving physical touch is important for a Taurus moon to feel nurtured, so cuddles are a must — and relaxing while indulging their physical pleasures is the best way for them to recharge.

Gemini Moon

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"The Moon in Gemini is communicative and chatty," explains Stardust. When it comes to their love lives, Gemini moons need things to be fun and playful. Their emotions tend to be airy, light, and changeable, and they'll thrive best with a partner who can keep things fresh and exciting and are willing to let them talk through their often-changing feelings.

Cancer Moon

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"The Moon in Cancer is at home," explains Stardust. "The Moon is tender and emotional in Cancer." While they may be a little moody in relationships, Cancer moons are also extremely warm and loving partners. They want to feel safe, so someone who can offer security and homely comforts will be their ideal partner.

Leo Moon

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"The Moon in Leo is romantic and dramatic," shares Stardust. Never afraid to be the center of attention, Leo moons wear their emotions on their sleeve and will struggle with someone who is less emotional. When it comes to nurturing a Leo moon, they need to feel appreciated and celebrated by their partner — it'll be damaging if they feel their strengths are going unseen.

Virgo Moon

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"The Moon in Virgo is analytical and expressive," explains Stardust. Virgo moons can be a little bit emotionally distant, and this is because it's hard for them to step back and let their emotions take the wheel. They like things to be clean and orderly, and feel nourished when things in their life are organized, clearly communicated, and neat.

Libra Moon

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"The Moon in Libra is airy and relationship driven," shares Stardust. Emotionally, Libra moons want balance — both in their own emotional state, and between others. In order to feel nourished, Libra moons want to feel deeply connected and in partnership with another, and they aren't afraid to share their emotions with someone else.

Scorpio Moon

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"The Moon in Scorpio is loyal and protective," says Stardust. Scorpio moons have a great emotional depth, and can feel things intensely — but this can also make them a bit jealous and possessive. In relationships, they value privacy and honesty, and definitely benefit from quality alone time with a partner when it comes time to recharge.

Sagittarius Moon

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"The Moon in Sagittarius is a free thinker and world traveler," explains Stardust. Emotionally and in love, Sag moons are free spirits. They acknowledge their feels in the moment and move on, always on the go. In order to feel nourished, a Sag moon needs excitement. They want to feel like life and everything in it can continually teach them more.

Capricorn Moon

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"The Moon in Capricorn is hard working and responsible," explains Stardust. They work hard in order to play hard — or in the case of the Moon's territory, relax hard. This is true for their emotions, too — and they need a partner who will be responsible with their heart and everything else in life. Naturally hardworking, in order to feel secure, Cap moons need to feel they've earned their R&R time.

Aquarius Moon

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"The Moon in Aquarius is unique and independent," explains Stardust. While an Aquarius moon may have trouble expressing their feelings (or even being deeply aware of what their feelings are), they are deeply interested in getting beneath the superficial layer of things in relationships. They need someone who can recognize their individuality and give them space to mentally explore.

Pisces Moon

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"The Moon in Pisces is very sensitive and instinctual," shares Stardust. They can be dreamers, for sure, and it's easy for them to get lost in their fantasies and treat their feelings like facts. Pisces moons need creativity and great emotional openness in order to feel safe and understood, so an artistic and emotionally aware partner is ideal.