How Your Priorities Shift Over Time, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Each of us was blessed with a specific sign in this lifetime for a reason — you could say your zodiac sign is a symbol representing what your soul values.

However, as you grow older, your zodiac sign's priorities do shift over time. A Capricorn, who may be hard-nosed and logical about matters, will find themselves valuing the Cancerian ways of being a homebody. An intense, brooding Scorpio, may find themselves being more materially focused and persistent, like a Taurus.

What's the way you can find out which sign is your polar opposite — and thus, which sign's qualities you end up gravitating toward into your adulthood?

Take a look at the zodiac as a wheel, and you'll see the sign that lies opposite of yours on the same axis is one that has an identical "modality" — meaning its movement is either cardinal, fixed or mutable — and a corresponding, "trine" element, where earth and water pair up and air and fire pair up.

Throughout our lives, we resist being like our polar opposite sign because they are an energetic mirror to what we may fear.

But it's still inevitable that the logical signs become more feely, the intuitive ones become more realistic, and we all as humans continue our growth in all the beautiful ways we can:

Read on to find out more.



You end up becoming more "balanced," as a Libra is, as you grow older. Aries are the babies of the zodiac who understand the primal needs of the soul more than any other sign. You won't catch an Aries feeling repressed for this reason. This means you are more in touch with your inner child and honor their needs. And eventually, you start understanding the collective needs of others even better, as only your sister sign Libra does.



You begin to prioritize the intensity of everyday life far more as you develop as a person. Tauruses tend to shy away from how Scorpios are — they don't value the dark parts of humanity as much, until they begin to see that acknowledging those is essential to succeeding in the material world. As a fixed earth sign, you are typically very by the book — but you may find yourself delving into your emotions more as time goes on, the way the fixed water sign Scorpio swims in the deep.



You become more of a thrill seeker, the way your sister sign Sagittarius lives their life. Gemini is usually the chatty sign content to stay in its head, but when you get out and see more of the world, you start to crave it. More exposure to different ideas is what can refine your chatty, intellectual nerdy self.



You become more studious and ambitious for personal gain. Sure, you're a homebody who enjoys being there for your loved ones, Cancer. But eventually, you start to be more thoughtful about standing up for yourself — the way your Capricorn sister has no problem doing when it comes to personal goals. You crave that sort of self-determination, and over time, you learn to honor those badass, boss parts of you.



You're typically one to emote and wear your heart on your sleeve, but soon you may find yourself becoming a bit more detached, like your Aquarius counterpart. It's okay to be the fixed fire sign of the zodiac, Leo, because a lot of people depend on you. But remember that sometimes you are allowed to not care about going out of your way for others. Trust that the community can pick up the slack, the way the Aquarius does. You need your beauty rest just as much as the others, and you will likely begin noticing your own needs outshining the attention you may seek.



You become more introspective when you get into your head a little more and let yourself mature. A Virgo's opposite is the mutable water sign, Pisces, which is the oldest soul of the zodiac and the biggest dreamer. Virgos tend to think there's too much work to be done to have time to dream, but as your priorities may eventually entail introspection before proceeding with a task, it's best to let yourself succumb to those Piscean desires you secretly have.



You become more reactive to everyone around you, much like an Aries would. You don't like feeling impulsive or even bratty, but sometimes you have to remember you don't have to be a saint, Libra. You're allowed to express your emotions, even the rude ones, to your loved ones. And you may soon realize how hard it is to live in fear of that! Let your priorities shift from people pleasing to person pleasing — yourself the person, that is.



Your intensity dials down as you become more like your fixed counterpart — a Taurus. You realize you can brood all you want about your inner darkness, but that doesn't excuse having to do chores, pay your bills, and look into the habits you want to cultivate to accrue material wealth. It's also part of your psyche to focus on what the external world has to offer — so don't repress it. Soon, you might even start to like it.



You become more thoughtful about your communication style. You like philosophy as a Sagittarius, but you tend to be more avoidant about real life conflicts and debates, unlike your Gemini cousin. But over time, you'll come to see that so many of your great ideas can only matter if they are tested through discussing with others. Let yourself be chatty and less guarded, Sag. People will appreciate it — and you probably will too.



You become a bit more eager to stay home and spend time with people you value. Your usual Capricorn self might be confused by how much Cancer can give to others, but just you wait for the day you realize how not weird it is to enjoy that... you will only feel the homey urges increase more over time, because you have it in you.



You get a little more dramatic and speak your mind more. Aquariuses are known for letting things roll off the back and be quite detached, but over time, you may embrace your sister sign, Leo, and speak up for yourself more. When you feel those irresistible tugs, let them come, and perhaps start actively trying to dignify them.



You can be a bit more detail-oriented, and less of a dreamer with your head in the clouds. Your opposite is Virgo, the mutable earth sign, and you tend to live life avoiding the lessons a nitpicky Virgo can impose on you. But once you realize how life can be lived in the intuitive realm and sensory realm, a Virgo might just be your very best friend you attract.