HP's Rule Breakers Activation Inspired Attendees To Reinvent Themselves

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Reinventing yourself can mean so many things. From pivoting careers and going back to school, to taking on a new outlook on life, or even revamping your personal style, the concept isn't exactly a one-size-fits-all situation. But no matter what the idea of reinventing yourself means to you, HP's activation at Bustle's inaugural Rule Breakers event aimed to give you the confidence you need to make it happen.

The beautiful HP Self Made Lounge was a private escape from the nonstop music and celebration happening all day in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Festival attendees were invited to step up to the lounge doors and begin their interactive experience by answering one simple question: What's one thing that's holding you back from reinventing yourself?

Once you took a moment to reflect on your goals and write down your answer, the lounge's doors invited you inside for a truly unforgettable and empowering experience from beginning to end.

Read on to check out the details of the activation, then click over to our Rule Breakers issue to get even more inspiration from the women and non-binary individuals who are making the world a better place by embracing who they are, and living life on their terms.

First Up, A Quick Question & Answer Session...

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Rule Breakers attendees were greeted by brand ambassadors at the doors of the HP Self Made Lounge, who handed them a small card, a pen, and asked them to write down the one thing that's holding them back from reinventing themselves. When your card was filled out, you were invited inside.

...Followed By An Inspirational Chat With The Haiku Gals

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Once inside, participants were introduced to a member of the Haiku Gals, who turned your roadblock for self-reinvention into a custom and inspirational haiku, written just for you.

From There, You Add Your Own Flair

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The haikus were written on the HP Spectre x360, which is a sleek 2-in-1 tablet and laptop. After the haikus were written, participants carried their laptops into the creative hub where brand ambassadors flipped the device into tablet mode, handed over a stylus, and invited you to decorate your haiku with doodles and drawings.

Then Take A Moment To Enjoy Your Custom Result

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After you'd doodled to your heart's content, brand ambassadors printed out your haiku onto sticker paper, then adhered it to the opposite side of the card reading your original response about holding yourself back. Flipping between your original message of doubt and a personalized reminder of your unstoppable individuality was an amazingly inspirational experience.

In The End, The Final Product Was So Moving

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At the end of the experience, attendees were invited to hang their personal struggle and bespoke creation alongside those of other women of all ages, careers, and personal backgrounds. The final result was a moving reminder that no matter what's currently holding you back, you're more powerful than you give yourself credit for.

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