Huck's Disappearance On 'Scandal' Gets Solved By Pope & Associates, But Not Without Some Major Drama

Mark Haaseth/ABC

Since watching Huck get shot on Scandal two weeks ago, I've had so many questions, and a lot of them have to do with Pope and Associates. When will Olivia find out what happened to him? Will she find out what happened to him? On Thursday night's episode, Olivia and the gladiators tried to track down Huck, and even though things seemed bleak at first, as always, they came out on top.

Those of us watching already know that, after shooting him several times in the chest, Meg locked Huck in her trunk and pushed the car off a cliff and into the water. But knowing Scandal, even all of that doesn't necessarily mean that he's dead, and there are plenty of reasons for Olivia to investigate That's probably why she had Abby followed and found out about her deal to trade Jennifer Fields' life to get Cyrus out of jail, and why she knew it was absolutely imperative to find Huck as soon as possible... even though they had no leads at all.

Eventually — you know, after Quinn tortured and then killed Meg, NBD — they came to one conclusion: He must be dead. But surprisingly enough, Charlie was the one who inspired Olivia to rally her troops one more time to get to the bottom of this particular mystery, and off they went.

Miraculously enough, Olivia and Jake were able to track Huck to exactly where he managed to climb on shore, and he was laying totally unconscious in the sand when they found him. They got him to the hospital, where he was stabilized, and even Fitz showed up to comfort Liv, which proves what a big deal this really was. Hopefully, Huck will be OK, but like always, Scandal is keeping us all in suspense for now.

This just goes to show that no one should ever, ever try to cross Olivia Pope or the people who she loves. Abby better watch out, because I have a feeling Olivia's got something up her sleeve other than forgiveness.