Huda Beauty's Next Product Has Nothing To Do With Makeup

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The billion dollar Huda Beauty empire is expanding and in the best possible way. The brand has already mastered the art of matte liquid lipsticks and has launched foundations and eyeshadow palettes. Its namesake Huda Kattan's Instagram is a hub for hacks and beautiful uses of her products. Now, Huda Beauty is launching a fragrance and fans are so here for it.

Kattan's sister and company co-founder Mona confirmed in an Instagram post that they are indeed creating a perfume. The caption states that this scent-sational product has been "years in the making" and that they've been itching to share it with the Huda Beauty faithful. The caption also notes that they put their hearts into crafting an Eau de Huda Beauty. That's all the brand's legion of devoted fans can hope for, right?

The fragrance reveal comes in a dense-with-activity clip from the Huda Boss reality show. We learn that it was Mona's idea to create their own perfume. We see some behind-the-scenes photo shoot action with loads of flowers. We also learn that 600 kilos of roses equals millions of roses and can fill one kilo of absolute, which is the highly concentrated and aromatic oil extracted from plants.

We can't help but think that this Huda-branded scent will very likely smell like roses. That's because roses are part of the Huda Beauty repertoire. The Rose Gold eyeshadow palette was a massive hit that was eventually reformulated and the flower was featured in the marketing and promotion.

The clip is fun to watch — for both the micro drama between the sisters and for the news of the perfume. They quibble a bit about whether or not Mona dedicates enough time to their cosmetics powerhouse. But it doesn't feel like anything majorly problematic is happening between them.

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The reveal of the fragrance is short and without a lot of concrete details. We don't know the notes, the prices, the retail partner, or anything else. We just know it’s on deck and that's good enough for us.

"I love perfume. I love it so much that I have dedicated an entire room in my house to perfume," Mona reveals in an episode of the Facebook reality show, according to Harper's Bazaar. "I feel like this project is a special baby for us and having a brand born out of social media, it's really important for us to capture content every step of the way.

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Clearly, the sisters understand the category and are eager to dive right into it. With an entire perfume room in the house and Mona's love of scents well-documented on her Insta, it's safe to say that a Huda Beauty perfume will be fully informed. It will probs smell like a heavenly bed of roses, too.

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The fact that Huda herself is wearing a rose-print pantsuit in the image above doesn't feel coincidental!

That said, there's no way this fragrance won't be good. We cannot wait to take a whiff of what the Sisters Kattan are cooking up for our pulse points. Huda Beauty didn't become a billion dollar brand without a keen attention to quality. They understand what beautyistas want!