Fans Love Huda Beauty’s Highlighter Kit Already

by Kali Borovic

I hope you're sitting down, because some major makeup news is coming your way. According to the brand's Instagram, Huda Beauty created a highlighter palette. They're constantly giving their own twist to new trends, so it was only a matter of time that they focused on cheek shine. Although the inside of the palette hasn't even been revealed yet, fans are already obsessing over the new launch. It's for a good reason too.

Huda Beauty might not always be creating new makeup trends, but their interpretations of existing ones are always spot on. The brand started with lashes, which they completely nailed by the way, before opening up to other trends. They created the highly anticipated Liquid Matte Lipsticks that soon turned into a best sellers, as did their Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette. Now they are most assuredly about to do the same for the shimmery cheekbone trend as well.

If the inside of the palette is even half as gorgeous as the outside, then fans have a reason to be excited about this highlight palette. Huda Kattan, who is the creator of Huda Beauty, posted a sneak peek of the packaging on Instagram, which instantly got people talking. The cover shows a photo of the makeup maven wearing intense highlight on her cheeks and center of her eyelids. It even shimmers when she moves it back and forth, that's how strong it is.

How incredible is that! The Huda Beauty packaging is always amazing, in my opinion. This takes it above and beyond though. Kattan didn't share any other details in the post. Considering she didn't show the inside yet, there's no telling when it could release.

She posted a photo at the beginning of they year looking awfully glowy. Little did fans know that it would be a hint about products to come. No matter when the products arrives, the news still has people excited. People are expressing their love for the palette on Twitter without even knowing what shades are inside. Now that's beauty dedication.

The emojis say it all.

All caps is definitely appropriate.

I think Trendmood speaks for everyone.

Eek! Double exclamations!

People are crying tears of joy already.

Judging from fan reactions, I'd say that the Huda Beauty Highlighter Palette has potential to be the product of the year.