I Tried Butt Masking & Here's Why You Should Too

I love masking. Truly, there are few things in the world that I enjoy more than settling in for the night with a face mask. I've done sheet masks, clay masks, rubber masks, full-body facials, body wraps... Honestly anything you can think of that involves lathering my body in gunk that will make it soft and hydrated, I've probably tried (and loved).

When I saw a sponsored post for Anese's Booty Duo — which includes their "That Booty Tho" scrub and "Down With the Thickness" mask — on Instagram, I knew I had to try it. The aesthetically-pleasing millennial pink packaging and minimalist design made my inner beauty guru salivate.

Their website claims that the scrub is meant to "condition your booty, target stretch marks and cellulite, combat acne, and help with scars or discoloration," and that the "antioxidants and essential fatty acids target fine lines and dryness leaving your bum feeling softer." The mask, on the other hand, is meant to "detox and plump your booty, while leaving it super soft," and the collagen in it will help "make your butt feel and look supple."

I'll admit: I walked into this experiment very doubtful. From the time I was little, I remember seeing infomercials for creams and lotions that were made to fade stretch marks and cellulite, and I never once trusted the overly-enthusiastic testimonials. But after trying out Anese's Booty Duo the first time, I wouldn't be opposed to treating my bum again.

Here's how it went down.

The directions for "That Booty Tho" recommend that you use the product wet, so I decided to use it in the shower. After cleaning and exfoliating with my body wash on a loofah (currently St. Ives' Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash), I took a quarter-sized scoop of the scrub and applied it to each cheek individually. The scrub is made of ground walnut shells, so I anticipated it to be rough, but it was surprisingly fine and gentle. I would compare the feeling to that of rubbing wet sand on your skin. It has little to no scent, which I actually liked (since so many scented products are overpowering), and the scrub lathered up for a smooth application. Immediately after washing it off, my skin definitely felt softer and more supple.

Anese recommends using "Down With the Thickness" on moist, clean skin, so after patting dry, I applied a thin layer of the mask. I was expecting the consistency to be thicker like most clay masks I'm familiar with, but this one is actually a little runny. It made for a messy application, but because of its elasticity, I didn't have to use much product to cover my whole backside (and believe me, there's a lot of surface area to cover).

The biggest inconvenience while allowing the mask to dry was that I couldn't really do anything: I couldn't sit, for obvious reasons, but I couldn't even wrap a towel around my waist, for fear of getting the bright pink goop all over the place. So I stood for 20 minutes, waiting for the mask to dry. As it did, I felt my skin tighten exactly the same way my face does when I use a clay mask. I feel no shame in admitting that I checked myself out when the mask completely dried, and I was pleased to see that my tush looked a little perkier (probably because of the clay tugging at my skin).

After washing off the mask, my skin was noticeably softer, which I anticipated, and a little plumper because of the lasting tingly effects of the clay. They recommend following up with your moisturizer of choice (I used Lush's Dream Cream), which sealed in the moisture from the mask.

I've honestly never paid attention to how my butt feels after I use a full-body scrub in the shower (I'm currently loving Frank Body's Peppermint Coffee Scrub), but it's safe to assume that I always feel softer and more supple after exfoliating. The mask was the more intriguing part of the experiment to me, and I'd be interested in seeing if my normal clay face masks have the same effect on my booty as this one did.

But the final verdict: Would I use these products again? Absolutely. There's something to be said about treating a part of your body that usually doesn't get the love it deserves. I'm heading to bed feeling like a princess because every surface of my body has been pampered, and I'll definitely be wearing leggings tomorrow to show off my plumper booty.