I Tried A Radiofrequency Facial & The Results Seriously Shook Up My Makeup Routine

Gazelli House

I've tried plenty of bold and brave beauty treatments before, but one I've always wanted to give a go is radiofrequency. You may be wondering, what is radiofrequency, and how it is used in the context of skincare and facials? Well, here's everything you need to know about the new-age treatment, from what it does to whether it hurts.

Alexandra Lisiecka, Head of Wellbeing Gazelli House, explains that radiofrequency is an effective technique to incorporate into a facial, as it improves the contour of the face and sculpts it, uses warm radiowaves to stimulate the collagen fibres, and "dramatically tightens and firms the neck, jaw line and décolletage, redefining the facial contours."

Lisiecka continues: "The headpiece with electrodes on generates a special radiofrequency that works directly on your natural collagen and elastin production, ensuring that collagen and elastin strands become tighter and firmer, redefining the facial contours."

My treatment was held at Gazelli House, an insanely chic wellness space that sells skincare and offers a whole host of face and body treatments, from pharmaceutical-grade peels to holistic-based treatments such as reiki and spiritual healing. I was told that my treatment would last for an hour and a half, and was going to be a facial based around radiofrequency, but I knew little else about what to expect.

My therapist, Valerija, was pretty much the most amazing therapist I've ever experienced (no joke). Not only was she super attentive and knew her stuff when it came to skin, she was also incredibly in touch with the spiritual side of the treatment, and when I noticeably found it hard to relax, Valeria spoke to me about the importance of meditation and self-care outside of the treatment room. It's safe to say sessions at Gazelli House (especially with Valeria) offer far more than your average spa trip.

Prior to my treatment, Valeria sat me down and asked about my skincare concerns, which were two small areas of milia around my nose, and the main thing I was concerned about: my chin. I've always been super self conscious about the shape of my chin and jawline. I've been keen for a while now to find a treatment that could help it naturally (in other words, I am lazy, and the thought of having to do chin exercises for the rest of my life kills me).

Radiofrequency is great for this as its benefits include sculpting, and it acts as a natural contour to make the face and neck seem firmer and more taut. It also boosts collagen production in the skin, keeping things fresh and bouncy. Valeria even told me that just one radiofrequency treatment creates six months worth of collagen in your skin. Woah.

My facial began with the usual double cleanse, and then a look at my milia spots, before moving on to the radiofrequency itself. Admittedly, I was most worried about whether the treatment itself would hurt. However, I was delighted to discover that the process wasn't painful at all. In fact, I really enjoyed the light suction and lifting sensation it gave me. Valeria spent 20 minutes using the radiofrequency device in upwards sculpting motions on my chin, jaw line, and lower face, before moving on to the rest of my face, which she spent around five minutes on. She then finished by applying a face mask, an oil, and a hydrating cream.

Afterwards, my face felt instantly lifted, and when I felt my chin with my fingers, it just felt that little bit tighter, as did the skin on my cheeks. In fact, the definition I felt had me considering whether I should just ditch all my contour powders. On the whole, I looked way more radiant and healthy, thanks to the increase in blood circulation.

Admittedly, this was not a one-treatment immediate fix for the areas I was worried about, as it's something that works best when done regularly, every couple of months or so.

In the mean time, Valerie has encouraged me to use a gua sha tool daily on my chin, jawline and cheekbones, to encourage a natural lift. It only takes a minute or so, but done daily can make a huge difference.

I would definitely go back for more radiofrequency as the treatment was something totally unique and left my feeling better about my skin. My experience at Gazelli House was great, as I was given advice not only about my skin, but about my wellbeing on the whole.