This New Bikini Trimmer Changed My Shower Game


Just like I've gone through many phases with the hair on my head (chopped way too short, flat-ironed to oblivion, overgrown), I've also gone through phases with my bikini-area hair. There was a very exhausting (and pricey) stretch during which I waxed, Brazilian-style, every. single. month. There was one failed attempt to DIY that experience at home. And then I went in the complete opposite direction, trying out the fully natural approach (way way too itchy for me, as it turns out).

Lately, I've been somewhere in between, settling on a look that's both easier and more pleasant to maintain — the words neat and groomed most accurately describe my current aesthetic. That's why, in partnership with Venus, I was very excited to try their new Bikini Precision Trimmer. Instead of wrestling with at-home wax strips, trying to maneuver wide razors in small (and delicate) areas, or confronting the dilemma of shortening but not removing certain hair, I now had the potential to groom exactly how I wanted, all with one device.

The first thing I noticed about the device was how ergonomic it seemed. It was comfortable to hold, and the razor was narrow enough to fit neatly in small areas. The detachable comb clipped on and off easily, and the on/off switch removed any potential guesswork regrading settings like speed or direction. It's either on or off. Easy.

When I actually used it in the shower, I was impressed with how tidy it made things. The bare razor created extremely clean, neat edges. I'm no artist, so I kept the sides straight, but it definitely seemed like you could get more geometric with your shaping if you wanted. It also didn't feel irritating at all, which was a relief for my sensitive skin. Then, I snapped on the comb attachment. The best way I can describe it is nifty. It really made quick work of pruning, evening out the remaining hairs to one, short length. Plus, it was just fun to use.

Post-shower, my entire bikini area was groomed to my exact specifications, and the neat freak in me was thrilled to have every single hair tamed precisely. Best of all, I only needed one device to accomplish all that. I'm still keeping my regular razor in the shower as well — now it just has some competition.

This post is sponsored by Venus.