I Used A Face Mask On My Entire Body & Here's What Happened

Zoe Weiner

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use a face mask on your body? (Or is that just me?) Personally, I’ve always thought it made absolutely no sense why our faces get all the love. I’m not suggesting that we have to mummy-style in head-to-toe sheet masks, but I do think it’s weird that there’s no way to give the skin on our bodies the same kind of luxe at-home treatments we give our faces. Truth be told, my skin has been extra dehydrated since the weather has started to change, and my usual lotions just haven’t been doing the trick. For this reason, I decided I needed to try a moisturizing face mask all over my body.

As it turns out, dry skin in the summer is very much a thing (no surprise here). When your skin is exposed to a lot of sun, salt, and sand, it can start to look dull and dry, even if you're using sunscreen (which, I admit, I'm not always the best at). Since my early-June tan has given me a bit of flaky build-up, I figured going that extra mile with my body, like I do for my face when it’s feeling dry, couldn’t hurt, right? In the name of beauty, I decided to give my arms, legs, chest, and stomach the TLC they deserve, and lathered myself top to bottom in a moisturizing mask.

The Mask

Victoria Beauty's Regenerating Face Mask, $22, Amazon

I had to find the perfect product. I knew I wanted something moisturizing, but finding something that came with enough actual mask to cover my body (without costing me my life savings) proved to be more challenging than expected. After searching for a few days, I settled on Victoria Beauty's Regenerating Face Mask with Snail Extract.

The mask is made with snail mucus, and according to the company's website it "supports natural skin cell regeneration, improves elasticity and restores optimum hydration of the skin, which favorably affects the appearance of your skin. It slows down the aging process and evens the tone of the skin."

I’ve apparently come a long way since I was grossed out by using a snail mucus face mask, considering how excited I was to rub it all over my body.

The Prep

Zoe Weiner

The directions on the mask told me to "evenly cleanse" my skin, so I showered and shaved my entire body (OK fine, like two thirds of my legs, per usual) with Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash. I figured I would see the best results on a smooth surface. Then, I dried myself off completely and put on an old black bikini that I didn’t care about in case it got ruined.

I started at my ankles and slowly worked my way up with the mask until my legs, stomach, chest, arms, neck, and face were totally covered. I looked like the abominable snowman, but it didn't matter because I was the only one home. I was super excited that there was no one around for me to terrify, but sadly being alone meant that I couldn't put the mask on my back, which could definitely use a little love. I guess that will be an experiment for another time.

The Treatment

Zoe Weiner

After the mask was applied, all I could really do was, well, wait. As it turns out, being covered in a face mask from head to toe isn’t exactly conducive to activities (I mean, duh.).

I couldn’t sit, so I waddled around my apartment for a bit then stood next to my bed and watched Orange Is The New Black. After the first few minutes, the mask started to dry, and it felt like the stuff you used to dip clay in to moisten it in middle school art class (so, clay water?). It wasn’t necessarily an unpleasant feeling, but I was so nervous about getting the snail goo all over my apartment that the experience itself was rather stressful.

Zoe Weiner

By the time 15 minutes were up, I’d had enough, but was pleased to see that a lot of the mask residue had been absorbed into my skin. I figured this meant I’d done enough, and got back in the shower.

The Aftermath

I hopped in the shower with my bathing suit on, and started scrubbing myself like crazy. It took a solid 15 minutes to get the remnants of the mask off of me, which was pretty annoying considering it was my second shower in the course of a half an hour (and I’m pretty sure there’s still some of it stuck between my toes). It didn't ruin my bathing suit, though!

As annoying as the mask was to get off, my skin was undeniably softer and tighter feeling. While I could feel a little bit of a difference on my arms and legs, the results were the most noticeable on my face and chest. When I woke up the next morning, my cheeks and décolletage were so smooth I couldn't stop touching them.

The Verdict

While I don't think the full-body mask will become a regular part of my routine, it did teach me the importance of using all of my skin care products all the way my neck and chest. From now on, though, I think I'll stick to applying lotion to my limbs. It's a lot more conducive to activities and it'll prevent me from ruining furniture in my apartment.

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