I Wore My BF's Clothes For A Week & Realized The Comfort Is Real

It seems pretty obvious, but when single people start dating, many of us seek out partners with a great dress sense. Usually this has to do with sussing out someones taste and suitability — but as I now know, these key items of clothing could potentially be incorporated into your own wardrobe in times of style desperation.

I'll admit that having a boyfriend that wears a similar size has its benefits, especially that time he came home with the acid washed denim mom jeans of my dreams — he didn't say it, but I knew he was willing me to borrow them whenever I wanted.

But would he feel the same about me borrowing his entire wardrobe? Pinching a couple of favorites on the reg is no big deal, it can be weirdly annoying to have somebody dress entirely in your clothes for any length of time, not only for cases of mistaken identity but mostly because nobody wants to do the laundry twice as often just to find clean T-shirts.

After realizing that I'm a sucker for stealing clothes from my other halves' wardrobe, I wondered whether it'd be at all possible to fashion wearable looks for an entire week — aside from underwear and socks that I would provide myself. Would our relationship survive it? More importantly, would I learn his clothes were better than mine?

Day 1

Here's one for all you Athleisure Sith Lords, this all black mostly Adidas sportswear ensemble is suitable for all kinds of casual activities. Whether you're going out for a jog or have to work from home before going out to plan world domination, then this is the look for you.

Honestly, though, this outfit was so comfy I could wear it all day, every day. I figured the easiest way to transition into full on boy looks was to go monochrome.

Day 2

There's definitely a reason that moms in the '90s were into wearing overalls — they're honestly and truly the height of comfort. You can literally bend down to get anything or even roll around on the floor and the straps will always have your back, which is a sense of security you can never truly get from a skirt or low-rise jeans. I opted for a lime green sports top underneath mostly because it matched my nail polish color.

Day 3

The third day coincided with my part-time vintage shop job, so I tried to keep it as professional as possible in a black T-shirt and satin sports trousers. It was probably the comfiest outfit I'd ever worn to a job before.

Nobody really mentioned anything about my outfit for the whole day, aside from my tired manager saying he totally wanted to wear a pair of trackies the following day for the sake of being comfy. My boyfriend still didn't seem to mind that we were essentially dressing the same every day.

Day 4

Another day at the store called for a more vintage inspired outfit, with some rolled up jeans, a really faded T-shirt that many people at work seemed to like a whole bunch and a leather jacket that I'm pretty sure my boyfriend only keeps around to remember the good old days of being a teenage metalhead.

I tied my hair up with my own denim scrunchie, although I'm not sure if that technically counts as cheating, but what the hell — it matched.

Day 5

Although I did actually leave the house to go to the post office and grab food (not from the PO, even though they do oddly have a wide selection of snacks), Day 5 called for the comfiest ensemble of all time. Pairing a large beige Quiksilver jumper with Adidas tracksuit bottoms resulted in me being the coziest cat in the whole of London, presumably.

Day 6

Recently my boyfriend returned from the fill-a-bag thrift store with these fabulous '80s bleach washed, high-waisted jeans and I was thrilled to find that they fit better than a glove.

Day 7

By the end of this experiment, both me and my BF were running out of viable clothing choices. Seeing as it was the holidays and that nobody would actually care, I decided to lazily mix up elements of past outfits into one slightly gross new one. As presumed, nobody mentioned my look at all and I spent the entire day in, once again, comfort.

So yeah, depending on what your partner's choice in clothing is, switching to their wardrobe may end up as being one of the comfiest times of your life. Next time they're out, feel free to lurk around on their side of the closet — you never know what kind of coziness you might find.

Images: Hatti Rex