Ice Cream-Flavored Oreos Are About To Hit Shelves — And One Of Them Is Strawberry Shortcake

Courtesy of Oreo

In honor of National Ice Cream Day, milk's favorite cookie is getting a makeover. Oreos have been a worthy companion of ice cream for decades. The chocolate and vanilla combo serves as the basis for many cookies and cream-flavored treats, in addition to being a standard mix-in for milkshakes, topping for sundaes, and of course, an afternoon snack in their own right. They are such an iconic snack that they basically have their own lobes in the brains of '90s kids everywhere. It turns out, though, the cookies may just get even better with the introduction of ice cream-flavored Oreos in early July.

Ice cream-flavored Oreos may sound kind of counterintuitive. Up until now, it has almost exclusively been the other way around. Frozen dessert company Good Humor (you probably know it from the ice cream tricks that visited your neighborhood as a kid) even went as far as creating not one, but TWO ice cream treats based on the cookie. The Oreo Dessert Bar and Oreo Cone offer a chilly reworking of the classic.

But, ice cream-inspired Oreos? As opposed to ice cream inspired BY Oreos? Unheard of! Or so you thought.

According to a press release, Oreo is dropping two new limited edition cookie flavors inspired by classic ice cream favorites. First up is Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake flavored Oreos. They feature whipped strawberry shortcake flavored crème and strawberry flavored pieces sandwiched between two golden Oreo wafers. You can find them on store shelves beginning early next week, on July 2 (just in time for Independence Day!). Later in July, you will find Rocky Road Trip flavored Oreos in the snack and sweets aisle of your supermarket. These feature rocky road flavored crème packed with marshmallow and soy nut bits on sandwiched between two classic chocolate Oreo cookies. You can grab a package of these beginning July 23.

Just imagine all the possibilites in store with these new Oreos. Imagine a chocolate milkshake made with Rocky Road Trip Oreos, or perhaps a strawberry milkshake made with Strawberry Shortcake Oreos. Ever made Oreo Truffles? Mix pulverized Oreos with a package of softened cream cheese, form into balls, and coat with melted chocolate. Now, imagine doing this with the two new flavors. Whoever said you can't improve on perfection wasn't using their imagination enough.

Oreo has been holding nothing back this summer in terms of inventive new releases. Early last month the brand partnered with International Delight, a company who is mainly known for producing coffee creamer, to create Limited Edition Oreo Iced Coffee. Never again will you need to pay too much money to snag a sugary morning sip. Junk food Instagrammer @TheImpulsiveBuy was one of the first to spot cartons of this magical drink in the wild (on grocery store shelves). Instagrammer @TheJunkFoodAisle also posted an image of the find on June 8, noting that it had been brought to her attention by fellow junk foodie @pottyplant8. These two, also report finding it at Walmart. Though, it also appears to be available at Meijer, a Midwestern grocery, according to @CandyHunting.

Between these three releases alone, just think about how many new Oreo-filled creations you can come up with. Rocky Road Trip Oreos dunked in Oreo Iced Coffee? Frozen pops made of iced coffee, coated in crumbled Strawberry Shortcake Oreos? Just eating all the new releases at the same time for maximum flavor consumption? The possibilities are basically endless — but you can never go wrong with original Oreos, so you are definitely in for a treat with ice cream-inspired, fancier takes on milk's favorite cookie.