I Almost Don't Even Want Nymeria To Return On 'Game Of Thrones'


It's hard to be a fan of a show that kills dogs with such reckless abandon, so I'm a little nervous that a preview for Game of Thrones hints that Arya may reunite with her direwolf, Nymeria. Not that I don't love that Nymeria is still out there and alive and that Arya will get to see her. I do. But, I also am afraid that Nymeria's return could spell her death. Like I said, this show isn't really into letting direwolves live.

After all, remember when Rickon and his direwolf Shaggydog returned in Season 6 just for them both to be killed? This show has a habit of bringing direwolves back just to kill them off. I mean, only Nymeria and Jon Snow's wolf Ghost are even alive anymore — I can't take anymore direwolf deaths.

But, perhaps I'm being a bit cynical. Maybe this season will be Arya's time to shine and she'll reunite with her wolf and her family and kill the rest of the people on her list and live happily ever after. (You never know.) Or, maybe Nymeria will give her the boost of inspiration she needs to a.) kill Cersei or b.) turn around and head for home instead. At this point will Nymeria even recognize her? She looked pretty menacing in the promo. It's been a hot second since the two last saw each other.

At this point it's all speculation, but all I can say is that if this show brings Nymeria back just to kill her — I'm going to have a serious problem. Or, I guess, paw-blem.