If Sleeping Better Is Your New Year’s Goal, Setting These 6 Micro-Goals Might Help


Sleep is such an elusive unicorn that a simple internet search returns eleventy-million studies and tips for how to get more restful sleep. If you're one of the people staying up at night googling how to get more sleep, consider setting small goals to get better sleep in 2019, rather than making big sweeping changes. Telling yourself you're going to get nine hours of sleep a night next year is a pretty easy way to set yourself up for disappointment, since, well, life often gets in the way of these best-laid plans. Instead, setting up small, micro-goals that you can put in motion well before your head hits the pillow can help you reach that bigger goal over time.

If you're feeling hella sleep deprived, you're in good company. A survey from Consumer Reports found that more than one fourth of people have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep most nights. In addition, 68 percent said they struggled with sleep issues at least once a week. As it turns out, getting restful sleep on the regular requires a solid sleep routine, and perhaps some lifestyle changes. It's no secret that trying to change everything at once is a recipe for failure, which is why setting small goals can increase your chances of success. If a sleep coach is not in your budget, here are some small tricks you can do on your own to get more sleep in 2019.