If These 39 Products On Amazon Don't Make You Clean, Nothing Will


Let’s face facts: cleaning is rarely the most exciting thing you’ll do all day. And, even if you are a lucky unicorn who loves to clean, there’s still a solid chance you’d rather not be stuck inside all day polishing every surface in your home. If these products on Amazon don’t make you clean, nothing will — because they get nasty jobs done faster, and more effectively than most of the other cleaning tools and agents you probably have collecting dust in your cabinet this very moment.

Before you start your spring cleaning (or your any other time of the year cleaning), check out this list and stock up on products that will make your life and tasks much, much simpler.

There are a number of kitchen and bathroom gadgets on this list that are specifically designed to scrub grout and tile clean of mold and mildew (because, yuck). You'll also find innovative tools that keep fridges from smelling bad, prevent bad odors from taking your water bottle hostage, and will polish surfaces as diverse as metal sinks and kitchen counters.

Multi-tasking tools are all over this list, as are a number of eco-friendly cleaning products that run the gamut from plant-based stain removers to silicone sponges.

Whatever your cleaning need, you'll find a fast, easy, and time and money-saving solution on this list.


The Travel-Friendly Garment Steamer That Gets Wrinkles Out Fast

No matter where you roam in the United States, this garment steamer can be brought with you to ensure that your clothes stay fresh and free of wrinkles. The convenient handheld steamer heats up in two minutes and can be used continually for seven to 10 minutes on the same water tank. It comes with a travel pouch and has an automatic shut-off feature for peace of mind.


An Electric Spin Scrubber For All Your Bathroom And Kitchen Surfaces

Don't just clean kitchen and bathroom tile, tubs, and other surfaces that get grimy and gross — scrub them spotless with this electric spin scrubber. The scrubber has an extension handle that makes it a cinch to reach ceilings and corners — plus, it comes with several brush attachments to tackle everything from soap scum to dirty grout.


These Tough But Gentle Scrubbing Gloves That Replace Sponges

There's nothing better than a multitasking cleaning tool — like these silicone dishwashing gloves, which have tough, yet gentle, scrubbing bristles along the palm. They can take the place of a sponge and be used to both wash and remove debris from cookware, plates, and kitchen and bathroom counters and surfaces. The come in four colors and are resistant to heat.


This Microfiber Towel That Absorbs Two Times As Much Water As A Cotton Towel

Absorb twice as much water as terry cotton towels and save a ton of money on paper towels when you switch over to this microfiber drying towel for your cleaning needs. This towel won't leave streaks when you clean, is large enough to cover wide surfaces, and can be washed and reused over and over again.


The Screen Cleaning Kit So Popular It Has A Five-Star Rating

Keep your computer screens, TV's, phones, and tablets crystal clear with this five-star rated screen cleaner kit. It includes a spray that polishes without streaking, as well as an oversized microfiber cloth. Each bottle contains over 1,572 sprays, so you can be sure you're getting your money's worth with this product.


A Multi-Functional Cleaning Polish For Everything From Metal To Dishes

Famous in France, this universal polishing cleaner truly is a multi-tasking dynamo. A little goes a long way and it can be used to kill germs and polish surfaces like metal sinks, utensils, and cookware. One reviewer wrote about their sink: "This is the first product I've ever used that didn't just clean it, but made it look a thousand times better. It far exceeded expectations. Can't wait to try it on something else! Will definitely order more."


An All-Natural Cleaning Tablet For Bottles And Tumblers

Get rid of any and all nasty odors and residue on water bottles and coffee tumblers with these natural cleaning tablets. The biodegradable tablets are eco-friendly and free of chlorine — plus, they eliminate the need to scrub bottles clean.


This Convenient Spray Mop That Covers More Surface At One Time

With the simple press of a button, this spray mop delivers a cleaning solution mist that is safe for most floor types — including hardwood, tile, linoleum, vinyl, stone, and more. It has a wider microfiber pad than most, which means it covers more surface and saves you time. When you're done, pop the pad in the washing machine and use it over again.


These Safe Lens Cleansing Wipes For Eyeglasses And Phone Screens

Before you go and spray chemical solutions on dirty, dusty eyeglass and sunglass lenses — which is not recommended — use these lens cleansing wipes, which are free of ammonia and safer to use. The individual wipes are also great for cleaning tablets, TVs, and other screen surfaces and won't leave streaks.


An Oversized Set Of Car Wash Mitts That Absorb Water More Effectively

Wear these large car wash mitts and make the task of cleaning your car faster and easier. The mitts are made from highly absorbent chenille microfiber that won't scratch surfaces or leave annoying lint behind. They're also machine-washable and better for the environment than paper towels.


This Mold And Mildew Remover That Works On Tile And Grout

Cut through tough, stubborn mold and mildew in minutes with this mold and mildew removing gel. Its pointed nozzle makes it easier to apply to grout and corners and reviewers rave about how well this product works — and how it doesn't require scrubbing.


A Shampoo Designed Specifically For Makeup Brushes

Remove more makeup, debris, and germs from your makeup brushes with this cleansing shampoo — it doesn't just clean brushes, but conditions them so that their bristles are left in even better shape than before. The shampoo is hypoallergenic and free of nasty parabens and phthalates. Reviewers say this works amazingly well on makeup sponges, synthetic hair brushes, and boar brushes.


The Pet Hair Removing Brush That Cleans Itself

You can own a pet and not have your pet own every single piece of furniture in your home — this pet hair remover brush makes sure of it. The double-sided brush is excellent at picking up lint, fur, and hair from upholstery, carpets, clothing, and car seats. And when the brush itself needs to be cleaned, simply dip it into its base and it cleans itself.


A Multi-Purpose Car Cleaner For Interiors and Exteriors

No matter what type of car interior you have — vinyl, leather, or fabric — this is the ultimate car cleaner that lifts up dirt and grime. This multi-purpose cleaner cleans every part of your car except for glass and any delicate instrument panel screens, which means it has you covered when it comes to metal, wood, and seats.


This Powerful Toilet Plunger That Can Be Used In Sinks And Tubs

Clogs don't stand a chance when you have this heavy duty toilet plunger, which can also be used in sinks and tubs. The plunger has powerful suction and comes with two interchangeable rubber plunger heads that are capable of snagging everything stuck in pipes — without the need for a single chemical agent.


These Twisty Snakes That Will Pull Up So Much Hair From Drains

These miniature drain snakes work fast and hard at removing clogs from drains. They're flexible and will bend and twist in pipes to unearth whatever it is that's making your sink or tub back up. According to one reviewer: "After receiving it I went to work, within minutes it pulled out so much hair in both drains. it’s disturbing/disgusting yet weirdly satisfying because now my sinks drain!!"


The Mold-Resistant Sponge That Stays Peachy Clean

Other sponges turn moldy and begin to smell over time. But this antibacterial silicone sponge is an absolute peachy clean dream. Resistant to mildew and mold, you can use this sponge to clean pots, pans, and dishes without scratching them and it won't absorb nasty odors or have to be thrown out so fast.


This Microfiber Duster That Reaches High Shelves And Ceiling Fans

Zap away dust from hard-to-reach areas like bookshelves and lighting fixtures with this microfiber duster, which has an extendable and bendable pole that's 70 inches long. The duster detaches and can be hand washed — and you'll never again have to stand on a chair to reach everything that needs cleaning.


An Eco-Friendly Stain Remover For Every Stubborn Spot You Can Imagine

An eco-friendly, plant-based stain remover made with six powerful enzymes, this natural formula busts all kinds of stubborn stains — from grease and chocolate to blood and ink. And it's safe and gentle on a variety of surfaces, including carpet, walls, and upholstery.


This Two-In-One Shoe Cleaner And Conditioner That Makes Shoes Look Brand New

This two-in-one shoe cleaner and conditioner makes it look as if you have a new pair of shoes on every day. The formula is made with saddle soap and gentle oils and works wonders on all washable shoes — so bring on your leather, suede, canvas, and cloth shoes and give them the royal treatment.


The Ultimate Stain Remover For When Grease Splashes On Your Shirt

Reviewers are in agreement: this is the best-kept stain removing secret you need in your life to get rid of any and all stains. This stain remover is biodegradable and safe for the environment and fabrics and, as one reviewer puts it: "I don’t know what witchcraft this is but it gets out nearly everything. Sometimes you have to be patient but it’s worth it."


An Adorably Angry Microwave Oven Cleaner That Works In Minutes

Remove any and all sticky debris and food particles from your microwave and disinfect the appliance in just seven minutes with this adorable Angry Mama microwave cleaner. Fill the cleaner with white vinegar and water, set it to produce steam in your microwave, and then simply wipe your oven clean with a towel. You can even add lemon juice for a pleasant smell.


The Magical Eraser Sponge That Gets Rid Of Marks And Stains From All Surfaces

All of those mysterious scuff marks that appear on walls will be instantly wiped away with the help of this mysterious magic cleaning eraser sponge. The sponge is activated with a few drops of water and can be used to obliterate any and all stains you can imagine — from ink to marker to sneaker stains or run-of-the-mill dirt. One reviewer writes: "They really are magic!"


A Powder That Gets Rid Of Odors From Your Washing Machine

There are plenty of products out there that clean your laundry, but what about tackling the odors left inside of your washing machine? Look no further than this unique washing machine cleaner, which consists of a special powder that cleans machines and is safe to use in septic tanks — make a habit of using it once a month and your machine will always smell great.


These Cups That Clean Your Keurig Machine Because Good Coffee Is SO Important

Everyone knows how important a good cup of coffee is for the soul, but a dirty coffee maker will never deliver the goods. Keep your Keurig machine clean with these K-cup cleaning pods. Run your machine with a pod the way you would your coffee and it safely and effectively removes stains and odors from machines.


A Lemon-Scented Gel That Gets Every Nasty Mess Off Your Keyboard

Given how often we use them, it's not unusual for keyboards to get grimy and sticky, but it's also close to impossible to clean them with a rag alone. This keyboard cleaning gel is an amazingly unexpected solution — one that captures dust, food particles, grease, and all other messes. The biodegradable gel smells like refreshing lemon and is simple to use: just press it lightly on your keyboard and all the debris comes back up with it.


This Non-Slip Cutlery Cleaner With A Wrap-Around Design That Cleans Faster

Get your sharpest knifes and forks sparkling clean with this cutlery cleaner, designed with wrap-around bristles that clean and polish both sides at once. This tool fits right in the palm of your hand with its non-slip grip — and comes in green or gray.


The Chainmail Cleaner That Safely Rids Cast Iron Pots Of Stuck-On Grit

Ordinary sponges don't always hold up to cast iron pans and more abrasive scrubbers can damage cookware. This unique chainmail ringer cast iron cleaner (which is also safe on glassware, stainless steel, and a variety of other pieces) is killer on grease and caked-on food, but won't make a dent on your expensive pots or pans. And, unlike sponges that acquire odors over time, this antibacterial chain can be tossed in the dishwasher and stays in great condition.


A Fragrance-Free Fridge Deodorizer That Works Fast And Lasts A Long Time

Hundreds of reviewers prefer this refrigerator deodorizer to charcoal and baking soda and say that it quickly banishes bad odors from your fridge and keeps it smelling fresh for months. The disc is free of fragrances, non-toxic, and biodegradable.


This Stick and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner That's Incredibly Lightweight

Whether your hardwood floors need a quick cleaning or your kitchen cabinets are filled with crumbs and need to addressed ASAP, this is the two-in-one stick vacuum cleaner with an incorporated handheld vacuum that gets both jobs done. The vacuum has a washable HEPA filtration tank and weighs less than 6 pounds.


These Colorful Clothes Scrubbing Balls That You Pop Right Into Your Washing Machine

Get cleaner clothes with these colorful, texturized laundry balls, which actually scrub clothing in a way that's gentle, but effective. All you have to do is toss the reusable balls in your washing machine and they scrub clothes and keep items separated.


An Electronics Cleaning Brush With Bristles And A Wiper To Remove Debris

Polish all of your electronics equipment and accessories — from keyboards to tiny crevices in your favorite fancy watch — with this electronics cleaning brush. The double-sided brush has a silicone wiper on one side that digs in to remove debris, and a gentle brush on the other.


These Reusable Bamboo Towels That Replace Half A Year's Worth Of Paper Towels

Save money and help save the planet at the same time when you make the switch to these reusable bamboo towels. One roll replaces six months' worth of paper towels and you aren't making any compromises: bamboo is notoriously strong and super absorbent.


This Amazing Bowl That's Specifically Designed To Wash Rice

If ever there was the perfect bowl for washing rice, this is it. The Japanese rice washing bowl features drainers on the sides and bottom, which makes cleaning and prepping rice before you cook it faster and more thorough. It works for smaller items like quinoa, too.


A Set Of Mop Heads That Can Be Tossed In The Washing Machine

Gone are the days when you'd have to spend money on disposable mop pads or wring out a mop head and hope it dries in time (without starting to smell) for your next mopping session. These reusable mop pads have adhesive strips that allow them to fit on most mop heads — and they're machine-washable.


The Clay-Based Hand Cleaner That Gets Rid Of Dirt & Grease

When ordinary soaps fail to get dirty, stained hands truly clean, turn to this incredible hand cleaner, which contains two key ingredients that cut through dirt: bentonite and kaolin clays. There are zero chemicals in this formula and reviewers rave about how it is effective against everything dirty — including grease.


These Cleaning Tablets That Are Tough On Garbage Disposal Smells But Gentle On Pipes

It's no secret that your garbage disposal — literally the place that accepts filthy, stinky garbage — can start to smell less than pleasant after awhile. Tackle bacteria, dirt, and odors with this garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer, which works in seconds and is safe on pipes.


The Cleaning And Waterproofing Products You Need To Protect Waterproof Clothing

Give waterproof outerwear like jackets, clothing, and sleeping bags the royal treatment with this cleaning and waterproofing duo. These products are perfect for items that should never be washed in a machine, and they'll add water repellency to make them even more effective.


A Brush That Cleans Hair Brushes And Saves You Time

Use this cleaning brush — with its five-pik design — to untangle knots and clean all of your hair brushes. This time-saving tool is way more efficient than using your hands to painstakingly pull out strands of hair from random brushes.

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