If These 40 Products On Amazon Don't Make You Clean, Nothing Will

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Let’s face facts: cleaning is rarely the most exciting thing you’ll do all day. And, even if you are a lucky unicorn who loves to clean, there’s still a solid chance you’d rather not be stuck inside all day polishing every surface in your home. If these products on Amazon don’t make you clean, nothing will — because they get nasty jobs done faster, and more effectively than most of the other cleaning tools and agents you probably have collecting dust in your cabinet this very moment.

Before you start your spring cleaning (or your any other time of the year cleaning), check out this list and stock up on products that will make your life and tasks much, much simpler.

There are a number of kitchen and bathroom gadgets on this list that are specifically designed to scrub grout and tile clean of mold and mildew (because, yuck). You'll also find innovative tools that keep fridges from smelling bad, prevent bad odors from taking your water bottle hostage, and will polish surfaces as diverse as metal sinks and kitchen counters.

Multi-tasking tools are all over this list, as are a number of eco-friendly cleaning products that run the gamut from plant-based stain removers to silicone sponges.

Whatever your cleaning need, you'll find a fast, easy, and time and money-saving solution on this list.

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