If You Don't Own Any Of These 35 Genius Products From Amazon, You're Doing Life Wrong

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Are you by chance reading this out in public somewhere? On the subway, maybe? In a doctor's office? Good. Look to your left. Now to your right. Chances are high that either you or one of your neighbors has some of the same problems you have. Maybe they have trouble sleeping, too. Or maybe their purse is always messy, or their neck hurts from straining your neck to watch YouTube videos on bed, or their hair just won't detangle. Just like you. Whatever the issue is, you're all definitely doing life wrong if you don't own any of these genius products from Amazon that will change your life.

As for my recurring sleep issues? I've pretty much reached bedtime nirvana when I invested in a gravity blanket like this one about a year ago. Seriously, it's like sleeping in a comforting hug without all the annoying baggage, chit-chat, and breakfast-making that would entail. I've tackled my issues thanks to a few brilliant Amazon products, and I'm incredibly confident you'll be able to as well — maybe it's a coconut hair mask, maybe it's a purse organizer, or maybe it's my favorite blanket, too.

So, whatever your personal Goliath may be, get busy and #SlayAllDay thanks to these awesome life hacks only on Amazon.

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