If You Have These 6 Traits, Research Says You Have A High-Potential Personality

Ashley Batz/Bustle

What makes for a good leader? Is it their ability to bring people together? Problem solve? Take smart risks? Regardless of what you specifically value in a leader, research has found that the best leaders have one very important thing in common: they are high-potential personalities.

"High-potentials have a track record of consistently and significantly outperforming their peers throughout their lives," Clarissa Silva, behavioral scientist and creator of Your Happiness Hypothesis Method, tells Bustle. "They are highly sought after in companies because they're able to do this more quickly and effectively than their peers."

Because personality is something that's often stable and isn't easily changed over time, you can think of high-potential personalities as natural born leaders. They possess certain qualities that are necessary for success.

According to Rachel Ann Dine, licensed professional counselor and owner of Humanitas Counseling and Consulting, LLC, high-potential personality traits are often assessed formally using the High-Potential Traits Inventory. "There are six traits assessed that are often thought to predict positive traits of leaders," she says.

So how do you know if you're high-potential? Research says these six following traits can determine if you are a high-potential personality.