If You Looked Up Clever In The Dictionary, It’d Be Pictures Of These 39 Best-Selling Products On Amazon

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We all have tasks we hate doing because they're just boring. I despise folding and putting away the laundry because there's never enough room in my drawers and there are never enough hangers in my closet for all my clothes. Clearly, I should probably stop buying clothes, but that's a story for another day. In the meantime, there's a wide array of insanely clever products that are best-sellers on Amazon to help us address these everyday aggravations.

Since packed storage space and clutter are my Achilles' heels, I'll be looking into some drawer dividers to keep to bring order to the chaos that is my sock drawer, as well as streamlined hangers to help create more room in my closet. Unless you're Martha Stewart, you probably have your own albatross of a hated chore to wrestle with, whether it's some little task you struggle with when you're in the kitchen, working out, or maybe when you hit the road — and this is the list for you.

While you shop, don't give yourself a hard time about having those foibles in the first place, because you're not alone. The very reason clever products like the hanger that holds six shirts in the space of one even exists is because there are thousands of people out there like me who go through life thinking the perfect white T-shirt must exist somewhere. Followed shortly thereafter by the perfect black T-shirt. Followed by the perfect navy blue one. If you get it, you get it.

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