If You’re Always Cold, Then You’ll Love These 26 Brilliant Inventions On Amazon

When the snow comes and winter officially sets in, you quickly realize that blizzards are not enchanting, icy sidewalks are not for skating, and cold weather is pretty awful. But because we can't all live in Hawaii, Amazon has us covered with brilliant inventions you'll love if you're always cold or when it's just really, really cold outside.

While some people thrive in negative temperatures, other unfortunate souls shiver whenever the temperature drops below 60 degrees or the office air conditioning switches on again. They're the first ones to recognize that winter is coming or that you turned down the heat in your apartment to save money on your electricity bill. And unfortunately, they're also the people who can't get warm even wrapped in four throw blankets, two pairs of socks, and a sweater. For them, products that speed up the warming process are essential to not only winter, but everyday living.

On the other hand, these wonderful inventions also serve the other half of the population that maintain a steady body temperature year-round but also deal with winter. Designed to either trap heat in or add a few extra degrees to the space around them, these heat-centric products are easy ways to warm up after a daring trek outdoors.

So whether you're always cold, or simply dealing with cold weather, here's a rundown of Amazon products you'll love to keep you warm.

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1. This Hand Warmer That Doubles As A Power Bank

This rechargeable hand warmer heats up in just three seconds to provide instant heat while skiing, camping, or walking outside in brisk weather. It comes with three temperature settings that go up to 131 degrees. Available in three colors, the warmer comes automatically shuts off after an hour and can be charged via a USB. Best of all, it doubles as an external battery pack and has enough juice to charge an iPhone up to two times.

2. This Personal Space Heater With Over 5,000 Reviews

This ceramic heater uses just 200 watts of power to quickly heat up your personal space without even touching the thermostat — which is perfect for an office or if you want to save money on energy. It comes with an easy on/off control, protects itself against overheating, and has a cool-touch exterior. Super compact and economical, it's just a little over six inches tall. Choose from a blue, black, white, or purple heater to match your office desk or bedroom walls.

3. This Heated Blanket That's Reversible For Double The Comfort

This brilliantly cozy heated blanket is reversible — one side is a soft faux sherpa, the other a faux mink. It also offers three heat settings that use dual-sided technology to give you consistent heat all night long. It's safe for both the washer and the dryer, and has built-in automatic shut-off. One reviewer writes: "Best purchase I've made in a while, as its completely eliminated the battle over control of the thermostat." It also comes in three neutral colors.

4. This Brilliant Towel Warmers That Make Exiting The Shower A New Joy

Stop dreading the post-shower dry off with this electric towel warmer. The stainless steel rack has a modern S-shape design that provides bonus drying space to warm up to 22 pounds of towels at once. It comes with a light-up on/off switch and features a built-in thermostat that automatically sensors the rack's temperature for your safety. At just over three feet tall, it's also lightweight for easy transport and storage.

5. This Microwavable Sleep Pillow That Has Built-In Aromatherapy

This luxurious neck wrap is made with 100 percent cotton and filled with a relaxing combination of flax seeds and a 12-herb blend that can be used for some muscle relief or some warming aromatherapy. Toss the wrap into the microwave for one minute to help relieve neck tension and pain and keep things cozy. It even comes with a soothing lavender eye mask that blocks light for complete sleep tranquility. Reviewers love that it's weighted so it stays in place.

6. These Thermal Socks That Really Hold The Heat In

Heat Holder's thermal socks are seven times warmer than basic cotton socks, thanks to the brushed thermal inside — it's soft on your feet while also trapping in heat. Made from a specially developed heavy bulk yarn crafted from acrylic and nylon, these socks offer high-performance insulation and moisture-wicking abilities that promise to keep your feet warm and dry. The machine-washable socks are sold in 20 fun colors and feature long pile cushioning that make feet feel both comfortable and supported.

7. A Cup Warmer That Keeps Your Coffee Hot All Morning Long

This adorable cup warmer keeps your cup of coffee hot so you can savor sips all morning long. The marble print warmer features a light indicator that lets you know when the warmer is ready to go. The non-stick heating pad is just under four inches in diameter, and easily wipes clean with water. It also features a 60 inch AC cord that gives you added flexibility, making it great for an office, home, or dorm.

8. This Compact Travel Blanket That's Actually Super Soft

This cozy travel blanket slips over your head like a poncho to keep you cozy at a moment's notice. It's made from a lightweight plush micro fleece that's incredibly warm. Measuring just 40 by 30 inches, the blanket comes in three colors and. Reviewers even called the machine washable blanket "super for long flights," thanks to the poncho style.

9. This Brilliant Humidifier That Releases Heated Vapor

This humidifier releases a heated vapor that kills 95 percent of bacteria, mold, and spores for a more comfortable sleep. It features a one-gallon tank that can slowly release a quiet, warm mist up to 12 hours with automatic shut-off. Each unit offers two humidity levels with an adjustable knob and requires no filter for minimal maintenance. One reviewer writes: "I'm used to the cold mist humidifiers, but with it already being cold weather- This warm mist is more worth it."

10. These Heated Ear Warmers With Built-In Bluetooth Headphones

Keep your ears warm without losing your favorite tunes with these Bluetooth ear warmers. Made from 100 percent polyester, the insulated headphones connect wirelessly to your phone for up to eight hours of music. Available in three colors, the warmers adjust to your head size with a click-to-fit design, and they collapse for easy storage. One reviewer even raved about the sound quality: "HOLY CRAP! These sound great."

11. A Heated Massage Seat With 10 Motors

This heated massage chair uses six motors to create a powerful vibration massager with four different intensities and speeds. Just fit the cushion onto any chair or car seat for added neck and lumbar memory foam support pads — and of course, a warming massage. Made from a durable black polyester fabric, it offers a full body massage or isolated massages on your thighs, neck, lower, and upper back.

12. These Hand Warmers That Are Reusable

These long-lasting warmers can keep your hands heated for up to eight hours. They take just three minutes to heat up before acting as a portable warmer than can be used in coat pockets or gloves.

13. This Warming Bag That Heats Any Item In Just 10 Minutes

Beat the terrible transition from warm showers to a cold room with a Pajama Warmer. The electric warming bag heats any item placed inside in just 10 to 15 minutes. It uses just 50 watts of power to efficiently warm pillowcases, slippers, towels, mittens, and more. This Japanese creation comes in four different colors and has two internal pockets to go from "chill to thrill."

14. These Boot Liners That Ensure Your Feet Stay Warm All Winter

Warms your snow boots with fleece liners that ensure your feet stay warm all year long — carefully crafted with an internal seam for maximum comfort, the 100 percent polyester liners are both fully washable and built to last. One reviewer from Alaska wrote they "made a huge difference especially when working 12-16 hour shifts in extreme cold and wet environments."

15. These Incredibly Cozy Gloves For Your Gloves

These liner gloves are made from long-strand mulberry silk that's both breathable and moisture-wicking for ultimate comfort. The lightweight material is naturally hypoallergenic and super thin so you can easily wear them underneath work gloves or heavy mitten gloves. Their lightweight composition also makes them great for typing, photography, running, or riding as an added protective layer against cold weather. One reviewer raved, "The smooth silk is perfect for sliding in and out of heavier gloves," making them "well worth the money."

16. A Seat Cushion That Keeps Your Buns Warm Up To Six Hours

Prepare for a Sunday afternoon outdoors with a heated seat cushion that's guaranteed to keep your buns toasty. The portable bag comes with a microwavable core that heats in less than five minutes to keep you warm for up to six hours. Measuring just over 17 inches by 13 inches, the lava bun cover is made with durable, stain, and water resistant nylon for quick cleaning.

17. This Plush Heated Foot Warmer With Four Heat Settings

Give your feet soothing relief from cold floors or a cold apartment with Serta's heated foot warmer. It is made from an ultra plush fleece fabric with soft fiberfill and offers four different heat settings for the ultimate comfort. You can comfortably fit two pairs of feet into the warmer, it's machine washable, and comes with an automatic shutoff after eight hours. It has an LED light that lets you see how hot it's become, and allows you to turn it on and off at night without having to turn on the bedroom lights.

18. These Fleece Lined Tights With A High-Rise Waist

These super warm tights give you the added protection you need against negative temperatures thanks to a durable fleece lining. They're made from a nylon and spandex blend with a high-rise stretch waist for all-day comfort. Every pair features an opaque finish and is machine-washable so you can wear them on repeat. One five star review said they were also great "to layer under skinny jeans in the colder months" because they were "very thick and warm."

19. This Insulated Tumbler That Keeps Drinks Hot Twice As Long

This insulated tumbler keeps your beverages warmer two times longer than traditional mugs or plastic cups thanks to an insulated stainless steel. The 32-ounce tumbler has a double-walled design that stops sweating to keep hands warm and dry. Sized to fit most cupholders, the tumbler will not retain flavors from previous drinks and is sold in over 18 colors. It comes in a complete gift set with a clear BPA-free lid, a stainless steel straw, a straw cleaner, and a cotton bag to store it all in.

20. A Heated Shiatsu Massager With Automatic Shutdown

Give yourself a relaxing massage with the click of a button with this shiatsu massager. The deep-kneading massage nodes dig deep into aching muscles, while a soothing heat function helps you relax on extra-sore days. It also features a 20-minute automatic shutdown and comes with both AC and car adapters so you can use your massager on the go.

21. These Heated Gloves That Use Your Laptop To Heat Up

These fingerless wool gloves connect to your laptop via USB to defrost your fingers for typing, gaming, and total mousepad control. Each glove has a built-in warming pad that uses minimal power consumption to keep you cozy. The internal warmer is attached to the gloves with velcro so you can easily switch them between gloves. They come in both a blue, black, and purple striped option and include a USB cable.

22. These Microwavable Inserts That Help Keep Your Feet Warm

Give your feet a little extra TLC with these heated insoles. They're made to fit most feet, but can also be trimmed to fit smaller shoes. Just lay them flat in the microwave and heat for 60 seconds to keep your toes warm for up to 30 minutes. And unlike some insoles, these ones are completely squeak- and odor-free.

23. This Adorable Pillow That Stays Warm Up To Six Hours

When you need a cuddle buddy, opt for this llama-shaped heated pillow. The wireless pillow is completely cord-free so you can cuddle without worry. Just pop it into the microwave to heat it up, or even stash it in the freezer for some cold therapy. Plus, the lavender scent can help relax your mind when stressed.

24. These Portable Hand Warmers You Can Use In Your Gloves, Pockets, Or Boots

Heat your gloves or boots anytime or anywhere with HEATED's portable hand warmers. The biodegradable packs come with a natural cotton packet cover that's soothing against your skin — and each heat pack gives up to eight hours of warmth by using internal chemical reactions between iron, salt, water, and activated carbon. One reviewer completed a test between the main hand warming brands and said these were the quickest to heat up, maintained warmth, and proved to be their "go-touch pouches for snowboard trips."

25. This Electric Kettle With Automatic Shutoff

Prepare your morning cup of tea in minutes with this stainless steel electric kettle. It's faster than a microwave and safer than a stovetop for rapid boiling water. The large kettle features a concealed heating element, drip-free spout, and two water level windows. It's designed with safety in mind with an auto-shutoff function that prevents your kettle from boiling without water in it, and it has a stay-cool handle to help your hands stay safe.

26. This Heated Mattress Pad That Automatically Adjusts To Your Temperature Throughout The Night

Sunbeam's heated mattress pad gives you an instantly cozy bed with 10 heat settings that help you soothe the neck, back, legs, and shoulders — and keep you warm all night. The queen-sized pad comes with dual-sided controls that let you select between 10 settings for each side of the bed, so you can customize your half. It automatically adjusts throughout the night for heat consistency and has an auto-off function to stop overheating. The quilted mattress pad is also completely machine washable and super plush, thanks to five ounces of fill. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.