If You’ve Got 99 Problems — You Can Solve At Least 46 Of Them With These Genius Products On Amazon

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So we all know what Jay-Z's problem was. In fact, thanks to Lemonade, we now know much, much more about that problem than we ever thought we would. Well, Everything Is Love now, but I'm sure Mr. Bey still has some issues — maybe even some like us mere mortals, right? Do his avocados go brown too fast? Does he get razor burn? Does he ever lose his keys? Jay, my dude, help is on the way: these genius problem-solving products on Amazon can solve at least some of your challenges.

So what's that one problem in your life that absolutely drives you bananas? Not the big stuff, of course, but the everyday aggravations that are relatively minor but nevertheless set the whole tone for your day when they occur. Mine is the fact that I mislay my glasses on the regular as I fall asleep — I have terrible vision and have a bad habit of just putting them down on my duvet, forcing me to flail around in the morning to find them. Right now, I'm looking to Amazon for support.

What I'm trying to say — fortunately, some of your problems are completely solvable, and the ones on this list will help you do just that. Because sometimes it's the little things.

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