IKEA's New Holiday Collection Will Be Here Soon & You'll Want Every Single Item

Grab your wallets and get prepared, because everyone's favorite home-goods and furniture store is launching a new line just in time for the colder weather and holiday season. In October, IKEA is dropping their 2018 Winter Collection in stores across the U.S., and you'll want to drop your whole next paycheck on it. Yes, seriously.

Whether you want to pick up cozy blankets and kitchen essentials, stock up on some seasonal decorations, or transform your house into a total winter wonderland, IKEA's new collection has got you covered. According to a press release from the Swedish retailer, "The Winter collection offers everything for holiday dreams and needs: accessories, lighting, gift boxes and wrapping, tree decorations, flowers and even the tree itself. There are also baking and cooking utensils, tableware and warming textiles."

In many ways, the collection puts a modern spin on classic holiday and winter decor. The new products include festive wreaths, gift wrap available in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, warm-toned fairy lights, baubles, LED pinecones, candelabras, and tin-canned candles. The decoration collection also features a kitschy and cute variety of woodland-inspired decorations — such as mini mushrooms, pine trees, a paper squirrel wreath, and hanging hedgehogs and rabbits. Basically, IKEA's new collection will transform your home or apartment into serene winter retreat for you, your family, and friends.

Not to mention, the collection will make your home the perfect place to host holiday dinners galore. In addition to the gorgeous home decor, IKEA's rolling out products that will have your kitchen and dining room feeling like the hub of the holidays. As IKEA describes the collection in the press release, "This year’s winter home is warm, inviting and just a little bit over-the-top with rich colors, plush materials and some glowing gold."

With dark blue, maroon, and royal purple as the palette for tableware — alongside crisp, white table decorations, hints of gold on table runners, and crystal glasses — your dining room table will be beyond Instagrammable. What's more, the Winter Collection also boasts various holiday-themed baking pans for those people who like to help prepare holiday meals just as much as they like to sit down and eat them.

Courtesy of IKEA

Frilly and whimsical decorations aside, the IKEA collection will also ensure you feel cozy and comfy all winter long. The new line made sure to include velvety pillows, soft throws, and a seasonal-colored bedspread so you can peacefully snuggle up in front of a burning fireplace — even on the coldest of winter nights.

The best part? Like the majority of things at IKEA, the 2018 Winter Collection is still affordable for even those of us on tight budgets. The majority of blankets seem to run between $10 and $20. Furthermore, the decorations start as low as $1.99, despite looking super fancy and expensive. Topping the price range are the full-size, artificial Christmas trees, which will cost you between $50 and $100. Comparatively to real trees, that's still a steal.

The IKEA Winter Collection effortlessly balances style and glamour with comfort and warmth, all while being reasonably priced. If you want to transform your home into a wintery land of enchantment for the holidays, don't forget to stop IKEA in October to snag your fave items from the collection.