IKEA's Massive 4-Course Easter Feast Is Back & You Can Reserve Your Spot Now


Chances are there is something in your home from IKEA. The Swedish furniture store is such a household name that even your Sims can buy virtual versions of some of its most popular pieces. You can buy some of the stock online, but to get a true IKEA experience, you need to head into the store. This is because IKEA has far more ~in store~ than just home furnishings. Swedish food is hard to find in the U.S., and IKEA has tons. If your looking to nosh on something Scandinavian, be sure to take advantage of IKEA's annual Easter Påskbord feast, which is now taking reservations for 2019.

A press release from the company describes Påskbord as basically a loose equivalent to Easter. Celebrations will be centered around an impressive feast. This year, when you attend Påskbord, you can expect to leave with both a belly filled with delicious food and a mind filled with information about Swedish culture. Per aforementioned press release, guests can expect a first course of "assorted varieties of herring," "deviled eggs with shrimp or seaweed pearls," "marinated salmon with mustard sauce," and "poached salmon with cucumber dill sauce." For a second course, guests can expect something a bit more snack-like: "assorted Swedish cheeses," "Swedish cucumber salad," "Swedish red potato salad," and "crisp bread, crisp rolls, soft bread and thin bread" are on the menu.

The third course features likely the only Swedish dish you're already familiar with: meatballs. Two kind of meatballs — chicken meatballs and Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam — are on the menu. Two kinds of potatoes, hams, and a dish called Jansson's Temptations finish off the savory options. Jansson's Temptation is, per Genius Kitchen, a traditional Swedish casserole made from potato, cheese, and anchovies. Lots of cream and butter go into the prep, too, so it is bound to be unbelievably decadent.

Finally, your meal will come to an end with an assortment of Swedish desserts and pastries. One can only hope the chain's Chocolate Conspiracy Cake available in the food court will be an option. The chain's line of Swedish Easter goods includes a lot of Marzipan, as well as lemon and chocolate cupcake mixes. A standout item is the KAFFEREP, a petal pink individual cream cake filled with raspberry and vanilla custard, and coated with almond paste.

Krista Boyer, the Sales Leader of IKEA Food, said in the press release, "We are excited to celebrate the Påskbord tradition with our customers this Easter. Påskbord is all about spending time with family and friends and sharing the Swedish traditions."

Tickets to the all-you-can-eat dinner buffet are can be purchased for $16.99 per person, $4.99 for kids 12 and under. IKEA Family members can get them for $12.99 per person, $2.99 for kids 12 and under. Keep in mind, predictably, seating is limited. If you are interested in attending the celebration, consider purchasing tickets early at your local IKEA store. You can find your nearest location by using the Store Locator widget on the IKEA website. If you aren't able to attend, though, you can always try to recreate it on your own with the help of IKEA's line of eats and sweets available year-round.