This ‘Work-From-Home Fashions’ Cartoon Is TOO Relatable If Your Office Is Your Couch

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So, I have a confession to make. I work from home and it's been about a month since I've done any laundry that's included pants with zippers. It's a relief to know I'm not the only one. Illustrator Tyler Feder gets it, and she created these work-from-home looks that are way too relatable. Especially the part about not wearing pants. While you might envision working from home as a dream life devoid of annoying coworkers, actor and author Lauren Graham described it on the podcast The Gasp as getting lost in a vortex of solitude while wearing glasses, pajamas, and fashioning your hair into a messy bun. This is me all day.

When I first started working from home six years ago I showered, got dressed in regular clothes, and wore makeup every day. However, it wasn't long before my work-from-home style devolved into yoga pants or leggings, tank tops sans bra, and a permanent ponytail. Feder, who is a 29-year old woman who works from home in Chicago, created a series of work-from-home illustrations, including one she referred to as the "Skype-conference look." This high-fashion look includes nice hair and makeup, visible earrings, and button-down shirt with a bra. You then pair this totally acceptable work outfit with sweatpants because the other people on the call only see you from the waist up.

OK, one time during an early-morning Skye call I had the waist-up look down pat, but instead of pants I was just wearing my underwear. When my dog started barking, I totally forgot that I wasn't wearing any pants and got up, in full view of everyone on the call, to silence her. Oops. If you can relate, these work-from-home looks are super extra, and will make you feel like you've finally found your people.


The Skype-Conference-Call Look

If you've got to hop on a video call with a colleague or a client, you'll want to put your best foot forward. While that doesn't mean you're going to be motivated to put on real pants, it might be the one day of the week your bra comes out of storage.


I Mean, Who Needs Pants Anyway?

OK, I feel a whole lot better knowing that I am not the only one forgoing pants, though I am wearing them today. Really, it only happened that one time. Because, work-from-home people tend to get a lot of things delivered, and you're probably going to want to be wearing pants when you answer the door for Amazon or UberEATS.


All Fashion Standards Are Out The Window

A lot of people who work from home likely have a uniform, like this sweater/snuggie that you swore you'd never, ever wear out of the house, but now you regularly don it to run to the grocery store. My uniform consists of a pair of leggings, a tank top, a zip-up hoodie, and sometimes, there are leg warmers if it's cold because my office is in the garage. In the summer, because it's often over 100 degrees in Los Angeles, I wear yoga shorts and a half tank top.


And, There Are Tissues In Your Pocket

Guilty. I have tissues in my pocket. They may or may not be used.


Your Hair Is Wash And Go, Or Not Washed At All

Some people, like me, prefer to sport a dirty work-from-home bun or ponytail while others wash their hair and let it air dry. Because, who is going to see you aside from your dog and the Amazon delivery person?


Sometimes, You Have To Get Creative

Sometimes all of your work-from-home uniforms are dirty because you haven't done laundry in two weeks. When this happens you're forced to get creative by putting a work-from-home outfit together with whatever is leftover in your closet. This could mean potentially mismatched socks.


Bras Are The Least-Worn Item In Your Closet

One of the biggest freedoms about working from home is that you can officially ditch the bra. In fact, you might wear it so rarely that you forget to put in on when going out in regular clothes. Obviously you're empowered to ditch your bra whenever you want, but sometimes you want the protection when you're going to an air-conditioned cocktail party. Though you totally meant to put it on, once you arrive you remember that you left your bra hanging off the back of your chair. Chalk this up to an occupational hazard.


It Feels Good To Be Understood

While working from home eliminates your commute, and allows you to wear your work-from-home outfit with abandon, it can also get pretty lonely and it makes happy hour a lot more sad. But, there are a lot of us, and it feels good to be seen. Perhaps we can all organize a Skype happy hour where no pants are required.