In The Bustle Booth With Andrea Savage

Here are some things you should know about Andrea Savage. As a comic and a human, she's an open book. She's also super good at improvising scatological covers of well-known songs, and she's always very well-hydrated. Also, she has her own new show on truTV that you should definitely be watching.

Inspired by the everyday absurd things that happen to her as a comic, mother, and human, Savage created and stars in I'm Sorry as a heightened version of herself. She juggles her duties and passions as a comic, writer, wife, and mother. Oh! And while she always tries to be a good person, her innocent motivation to simply do the right thing lands her in hilariously awkward situations.

Whether she's getting accosted for simply flipping on the A/C at her exercise class, or keeping the past life of one of her daughter's friend's moms a secret, Savage's endeavors to do things right always seem to backfire. And while you might watch the show and think "well, you can't make this sh*t up," most of the scenarios in the show are taken straight from her real life.

We got a chance to sit down in the Bustle Booth with Andrea to get to know her better. Read on to find out what her super power is, find out her favorite emoji, and more. And don't forget to catch the premiere of I'm Sorry on truTV, July 12th, at 10/9c.

This article is sponsored by I'm Sorry, premiering on July 12th, at 10/9c on truTV.