TV Couple Andrea Savage & Tom Everett Scott Spill Behind-The-Scenes Tidbits From 'I'm Sorry' Season 2

When you're on TV, people feel like they can open up to you. This is especially true for Andrea Savage, the creator, star, and executive producer of truTV's I'm Sorry, the delightfully crass series grounded in her own true stories.

"I've found that people love to come up and tell me what they've put up their butts," Savage dished to us. It could be because of that one episode from Season 1, "Ass Cubes." Savage's comedy writer character Andrea Warren sets her daughter's teacher up with her friend Kyle (Jason Mantzoukas). After a highly promising first date, Kyle casually relays that said teacher has a kink involving ice cubes and her butt. Talk about a great ice breaker.

With Season 2 ramping up, Savage and Tom Everett Scott, who plays Andrea's earnest and grounded husband Mike, sat down with us for a Q&A following a special sneak peak of two new episodes. Hosted by Bustle and truTV at New York City's Crosby Street Hotel, fans enjoyed cocktails, mingled with the show's stars, and asked burning questions about what's in store for the next 10 episodes.

Read on to discover the realest things we learned from our night with the hilarious humans of I'm Sorry (airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on truTV).

1. First Priority For Season 2 Was Simple

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Opening the discussion, Bustle asked how Season 2 builds on the Season 1 of the show. Savage explained that she and Joey Slamon, her co-showrunner, were so thrilled with their first endeavor that they had one common priority. "We were determined not to f*ck this up," Savage said. The team was satisfied with the world of the show, the pacing, and felt like they had figured out its proper voice. Savage noted, "It can be dirty, it can push the envelope, but never sitcommy or mean. We just wanted to follow through with that!"

2. Andrea & Tom's Professional Meet-Cute Was A Letter

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It's pretty tough to not fall in love with Andrea and Mike as a couple. In spite of (or perhaps because of) the dizzying adult responsibilities they tackle together, they make marriage look fun. Before meeting Scott, Savage knew his work but didn't know him personally. She wanted a great actor who she could play off for comedy and had a hunch that Scott was right for it. "I literally just sent him a letter with the script and said, 'Do you want to do this?'"

"It was a really nice letter," Scott recalled. After reading through the first episode, he thought it was so funny that he was on board. Once they met, he and Savage hit it off pretty quick.

(For the record, ya' horny toads, both Savage and Scott are happily married to other people. When Savage reminded the audience this fact, she joked, "I'm sorry!")

3. Olive Is As Cute In Person As On TV

Mike and Andrea's daughter, the precocious and unfiltered 5-year-old Amelia (played by Olive Petrucci), is one of the biggest sources of comedy in the show. When asked how parenting on screen compares to parenting IRL, Savage chimed in almost reflexively, "She's so f*cking cute."

"It can be similar to real parenting, because you want to protect her," said Scott, "and we try to do that." Savage then explained that Petrucci's own mother works closely with production. Together, they make sure to keep Petrucci innocent of some of the more mature content of the show when they can avoid it.

4. Tom Is The Breaker In The Pair

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When we asked Savage and Scott what they could do to get each other to break character on set, Tom confessed, "I can never get her to break." Andrea shared, "He breaks all the time."

5. Some Of The Craziest Storylines Are The Truest

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Knowing that the bulk of the show's material is true, a few audience members asked about the specifics of some of the show's most memorable storylines. For instance, the anally prolific porn star in the PTA from Season 1 was 100% true. "And I was genuinely concerned for her butthole," Savage remembers. Savage also confirmed that Dad's Ecstasy trip at a family BBQ was real, as is his boudoir photo gallery wall. She did admit, mournfully, that the gallery has been taken down. RIP.

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