In The Bustle Booth With Gideon Glick & Sas Goldberg

When celebrities come into Bustle HQ in New York, whether it's for a photoshoot, videoshoot, or a Facebook Live, we want to give them the chance to leave their mark. Literally. So we hand them a pen, a piece of paper, a few questions, and ask them to get creative. The rest is up to them. This time, Broadway actors Gideon Glick and Sas Goldberg Of Significant Other and are leaving their mark in the Bustle Booth.

Navigating the dating scene in 2017 is no easy feat, and nobody is more equipped to give perspective on that quite like Gideon Glick and Sas Goldberg, two stars of Broadway's Significant Other. The show, which follows Jordan (played by Glick), a "terminally single" man watching his three best friends find their own partners and move on without him, has become something of an homage to Millennial dating, resonating hard regardless of your relationship status — whether you're a wild child like Kiki (played by Goldberg), a cynic like Vanessa (Rebecca Naomi Jones), a traditionalist like Laura (Lindsay Mendez), or watching on the sidelines like their dear friend Jordan does.

The show, currently running at the Booth Theater on Broadway, is alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, hopeful and nerve-wracking, and relatable to an almost painful degree. Audiences still have a chance to catch it in its limited engagement until April 23, so hop to it, folks — and in the meantime, get to know Gideon and Sas based on their answers to Bustle's most hard-hitting questions below.

Britt Phillips/Bustle