'Ingobernable' Should Be Kate del Castillo's Latest Hit

by Caroline Gerdes
Ken Jacques/Netflix

Netflix's new Spanish-language political drama Ingobernable just premiered on Friday, March 24, which means you can spend the weekend marathoning the first season's 15 episodes. But with that lengthy marathon comes a big risk: what if there's a major cliffhanger? When will you learn the answer? Will Ingobernable return for Season 2 to continue this story or leave you hanging?

That story centers on Kate del Castillo's Emilia Urquiza, the wife — and suspected murderer — of Mexico’s president. While there has been no official word yet about Ingobernable getting a second season, it's received plenty of buzz and has a plot that certainly lends itself to more episodes. And considering how rarely Netflix cancels series — especially after just one season — the odds for more Ingobernable are very, very good.

The biggest thing Ingobernable has going for it is actually its star, del Castillo. As Emilia, she's at the center of all the action and her performance anchors the show, so if you are unfamiliar with the actor's work, you should really get acquainted before tuning into the Netflix series. But with her resume, chances are you have already seen del Castillo in one of these TV shows or movies.

'Jane The Virgin'

You probably loved del Castillo's arc on Jane the Virgin as Rogelio's ex, Luciana.

'The Book Of Life'

She was the voice of La Muerte in this animated film.

'Killer Women'

Del Castillo guest starred as Esmeralda Montero on ABC's short-lived Killer Women.


Kate plays herself, kind of, in the Telenovela episode, "Rivals."

'La Reina Del Sur'

Del Castillo starred on Telemundo's popular Spanish-language soap opera, about a young woman in Mexico who becomes the most powerful drug trafficker in Spain.


She plays Valentina Espinoza (a ghost detective) on the "La Llorona" episode of Grimm.


She played Pilar and if you watched Weeds, you should remember her well. Remember Shane's first... hit?

'Dueños del Paraíso'

After her mega-hit La Reina del Sur, she starred on the 1980s Miami set telenovela Duenos del Paraiso.

And these are just some of Kate del Castillo's titles. She has been in the business for more than 25 years in both Spanish and English-language series and movies, so Ingobernable is sure to be her next hit.