Instagram's Newest Update Is So Exciting

Courtesy Of Instagram

Are you absolutely obsessed with Instagram stories, but bummed about the fact that there aren’t any cute face filters — like flower crowns or baby animal faces? Well, wish no further! On May 16, Instagram released a ton of new features including Instagram face filters, a collection of eight face filters to add to your Instagram stories. These filters include fuzzy koala ears, as well as swirling math equations.

Here’s how it works: When you swipe left into your camera for Instagram stories, tap the new face icon in the bottom right corner for the filters. Select a filter to add to your face, a friend’s face, or even for both as you flip the camera from front to back while recording within the app. Once you select the filter, tap the screen to try it on! It’s as simple as that.

Along with Face Filters and Rewind, Instagram also released a new hashtag sticker, as well as an eraser brush. Yeah, that’s right, Instagram stories finally has the eraser tool you’ve always wanted. No more having to undo your drawings a million times over, accidentally erasing all of your work while doing so. Instead, use the eraser brush to fix any mistakes you made with the drawing tool. Another great feature is being able to completely cover your image with color, and erasing only the parts that you want seen. To do so, click the drawing tool as well as your color of choice and hold the tool to your image or video. The entire screen will be covered with that color. Next, use the eraser tool to reveal any part of the image or video that you want shown — like a video of your cat sleeping or your face with a new filter!

Courtesy Of Instagram

For a full brief on all of the new Instagram filters, be sure to check out Instagram’s blog.