Meet Instagram's New Face Filters

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Courtesy Of Instagram

You're going to want to know what Instagram's new face filters are because they're about to be your new favorite distraction. On June 1, Instagram Stories debuted even more new face filter options, following up on their offerings that debuted in May. Why? Because they're more fun and will strangely inspire you to post more. I know this firsthand, because I rarely posted selfies to my stories until the filters debuted. But now I feel cute all the time and eating an ice cream cone with animated puppy ears that look 3D is way more fun.

Also, seeing people I know in my feed taking advantage of the filters is fun. Some of the most serious people I follow are event giving the fuzzy ears a go. Because really, Instagram is supposed to be fun. It's social. It's media. It's supposed to be lighthearted, which is exactly what these filters are. And what's super cool about this feature is that you can use it in any mode. Whether you're in Boomerang, Rewind or Video, your filters will stay with you.

If you haven't already received the update in your app, head to the app store and make sure you hit that "update" button. You'll need the latest version of Instagram to access them. Once you're up to date, head to stories, hit reverse view and get your play on. These are the face filters you can choose from. Note: I totally made up these filter names.

Puppy Wuppy

Tanya Ghahremani

This realistic, super animated and textured filter moves with you. Who doesn't want to look like an adorable puppy?! Associate Lifestyle Editor Tanya Ghahremani, who you can see above, does.

Imaginary Top Hat

Tanya Ghahremani

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If Instagram's track record is anything to go by, I'm sure we'll be hearing about some new filters in the futures. The options are endless. But for now, enjoy these. They're more than enough to keep your entertained by your own reflection. And if you want to take pictures and videos with the filters but don't want to share them with your whole network, remember you can just DM them to your friends.

Image: Courtesy Of Instagram