Instagram Just Launched The Cutest Effects For Valentine's Day


It's Valentine's Day. An amorous day in February to express your love for your loved one. Or pasta. There's no better platform to shout your affection for someone or something than Instagram. Whether you're in love with bae or a breakfast sandwich, you can now wear your digital heart on your social media — I mean, sleeve. Instagram's Valentine's Day 2019 story effects are here and they're sweetest way to express your affection.

Tune into your Instagram stories on Feb. 14 and you'll be seeing hearts instead of glittering stars and dog ears. Instagram has released three new heart centric effects in celebration of the holiday and made updates to our favorite "Heart Bloom" effect. If you didn't have plans for tonight, now you do.

Ride off into the sunset with these latest effects. Literally stamp heart frames around everything you ever loved, all day. From an inbox with zero unread e-mails to the cutie across from you at dinner. These new effects can make someone feel very special. Flowers are nice, but roses can potentially make you sneeze. Instagram effects, however, are allergen free and will make someone feel just as admired. Capture your loved one or office bestie in the new Heart Frame effect. And don't forget about yourself. Get all up in your selfie zone with the new Love Letter effect because Valentine's Day is all about self-love too.


The newest effects will have you seeing the world through rose-colored hearts. And also succulents? The "Love Letter" effect animates your world with a digital love letter and happy go-lucky succulents that are so happy to love you they're literally bursting with hearts. Turn your sound on to find great joy in the delightful "yippees" they chirp. To be honest, I think those two succulents are my Valentines this year.

Be your own Cupid with the Heart Frame effect. This effect captures the object of your desire ~in a heart~. You can use the front facing camera to be the light of your own life or lovingly frame the bouquet of eucalyptus you bought for your desk using the back camera. Other love themed effects include the Neon Valentine, which includes neon candy hearts, and of course the Heart Bloom and Heart Eyes effects.


While we're on the topic of self-love, Instagram worked with New York City based artist @ClaudiaDoodles to celebrate it this Valentine's Day. Share a love letter to yourself using the interactive template on your story and maybe inspire someone else to do the same. Promoting positivity is sweeter than any chocolate filled heart you'd pick up at the convenience store. Just screenshot the template and fill out this self-love mad libs love letter to yourself.

Valentine's Day 2019 is all about all kinds of ~love~. Everybody, no matter their relationship status, are invited to celebrate. And Instagram makes that clear with their engaging new effects for Stories. Whether you're loving on yourself, your desk lunch, your best friend or the love of your life, share your love with the world — or just your close friends.