You Can Buy PEEPS Coffee Creamer — Here's Where To Find It

by Lia Beck
International Delights

If you like your coffee black, please look away now as this will no doubt offend you. As for everyone else, in very unexpected news, International Delight has introduced Peeps coffee creamer. Peeps. Like, the chicken and bunny-shaped Easter candy. The question this raises, of course, is "Why?" But in this case, the only response is probably "Why not?"

In fact, this is how International Delight describes the new product on their site: "Now hatching! New PEEPS® Brand creamer. It’s sweet, marshmallow-y and yellow. Yep, yellow. Because it’s PEEPS® and we can." Because. They. Can. That's why we now live in a world with Peeps creamer.

Granted, the bottle is really cute. Peeps might not be everyone's cup of... well, coffee, in this case, but they are adorable. And having little Peeps on a container of creamer is definitely eye-catching.

And marshmallow flavored creamer as a concept doesn't sound that bad, especially if it were a toasted marshmallow. The fact that it's Peeps, though, complicates things. Clearly, this product might be more appealing to people's curiosity than something anyone would drink longterm. I mean, what does Peeps coffee taste like? Is this better than just simply putting a Peep in your hot coffee and letting it melt? Surely someone will figure out the answer to this question Because. They. Can.

International Delights

International Delight is no stranger to a candy or dessert flavored creamer. There are a number of them in their wide ranging lineup. Check it out.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

International Delight

Peanut butter and chocolate are good. Chocolate and coffee are good. Peanut butter and chocolate and coffee? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Almond Joy

International Delight

Coconut, chocolate, coffee, almond... it could work. It at least sounds much more promising than Peeps.


International Delight

With pretty much all of these I think, That item sounds like it would pair very well with coffee, but do I want it in liquid form inside coffee? Well, the Cinnabon flavor has 4.7 out of 5 stars with 37 reviews, so I guess a decent amount of people do.

Hershey's Chocolate Caramel

International Delight

This one is also candy bar inspired, but really is much more reasonable in our Double Espresso Caramel Mocha Latte world. Chocolate? Caramel? It checks out.

Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream

International Delight

For those who love ice cream, but need to be super wired and sugar alone won't do.


International Delight

As International Delight puts it, "It’s the creamer that tastes like an OREO® cookie. It’s like we pre-dunked them for you — get the taste of creamy filling and chocolate wafers." Again, if we just let Oreos soak in a mug of coffee is this what we get? Someone do the taste test!

Frosted Sugar Cookie

International Delight

Sugar cookies are flavored like sugar, so.... Hey! I know what you're trying to pull!

If you like it International and expect to be Delighted, the various International Delight flavors should be available in a store near you, and that includes the new Peeps one. Easter might be over three months away, but you can enjoy (or experiment with) the flavor of Peeps now.