Twitter Reacts To The iPhone X's Price Tag


On Tuesday, Apple held one of its major new product keynotes at the recently opened Steve Jobs theater, which sits in the center of the company's sprawling new Apple Park campus. In the days leading up to the big event, reports spoiled some of the drama as far as what the company was announcing. But ultimately, it's exactly what you would've expected ― a trio of new iPhone models, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8s, and iPhone X. And in relatively short order, jokes and memes about the iPhone X price took over Twitter, with plenty of people's eyes bugging out at the unprecedentedly high price tag.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook at the keynote ― streamed as usual through Safari on Apple devices, so to give existing users a slight leg-up on the public at-large when it comes to getting the quickest confirmed details ― the iPhone X, a new model commemorating the ten-year anniversary of the iconic iPhone brand, will start at $999. That's the most expensive iPhone ever sold, outpacing even the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

And needless to say, the denizens of social media had some feelings about it. If there's anything that gets people whipped up when a new, hot piece of tech drops, after all, it's a prohibitively high price tag. Here's some of the reaction.

1. Waiting For The Price

2. When People See

3. But Then I Saw

4. When You Get Your Hopes Up

5. Me When I See

6. Starts At $999

7. For The Low Low Cost

8. When You Find Out

9. When You Hear How Much

10. Cannot Believe

11. But Then They Hit You

12. Will Start At $999

13. Screaming My Name

14. Seeing The iPhone X Price

15. The Moment They Announced

16. Starting Price

17. Me When I Found

18. Ready To See

19. I Can Buy The iPhone 5

20. So The iPhone X Has

21. Screw Apple If They Think

22. Shut Up And Take My Money

23. Enough To Become An Android User

24. Story Pitch

25. Me Walking Into Apple Event

26. More Than A Grand

In short, many people were clearly a little startled by the extent of this ten-year anniversary edition iPhone’s price. Apple’s smartphones have been escalating in cost in recent years, with some models of the iPhone 7 released last year in excess of $750. That pales in comparison to the $999 the base level iPhone X is going for, obviously, and that's to say nothing of the extra storage version.

The base level iPhone X the most expensive version, not by a long shot. The iPhone X will be released in two versions, one with 64 gigabytes of storage space ― that's the $999 model ― and one with a massive storage space upgrade. Apple didn't reveal the price of the higher-storage version during the keynote, but on its official website, pre-orders are selling for $1,149, a $150 jump. For perspective, that's a bigger price jump than between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Those models are starting at $699 and $799, respectively, a difference of $100.

For what it's worth, the phone is, by all appearances at least, a significant design leap forward from its many predecessors, so maybe the price increase isn’t so shocking. Regardless, it’s probably out-of-reach for people without a considerable amount of disposable income. But that seems to be the simple reality of the direction smartphone technology is headed, at least insofar as Apple is concerned; the iPhone X represented the most expensive phone the company has ever produced.