These 24 iPhone X Memes & Jokes Prove How Truly, Madly, Deeply, Twitter Wants One


It is here. The year's most anticipated and rumored-about smartphone, iPhone X, was introduced to the public on Tuesday. The release was announced in Cupertino, California, where Apple product fans gathered to see the new phone. The impressive iPhone X boasts some interesting features including facial authentication, a new brand of augmented reality emojis (dubbed animojis), and an improved control center among other things. Naturally, the internet had its various takes on Apple's latest addition to the smartphone family — from thumbs up to thumbs down — and shared memes and jokes about iPhone X on Twitter.

For those of you who are still a little confused about the name, iPhone X is based on the Roman numeral X for 10, which marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone's very first foray into the world in 2007. Although the phone was accompanied by iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on Tuesday's event, iPhone X has been garnering much more attention and excitement from the public given recent leaks that pointed to the phone's enhanced hardware and software features.

Now that it is here, folks have opinions. From expressing incredulity at the price of the iPhone X, face ID jokes to tweeting about being ready to sell their kidneys for a phone, the internet has spoken.

1. Big Difference

Hey, as someone who is not rich, this is an understandable reaction to the phone's price tag. It's also a great GIF.

2. Still Thinking About It

Such is the mood.

3. I Wish

A real reaction.

4. A Girl Has No iPhone X

You saw a Game Of Thrones reference coming, right?

5. This Criterion

The only acceptable thing.

6. Good Idea

That's actually not a bad idea at all.

7. Sorry, iPhone 9

There is no iPhone 9. But if there was one, this reaction would work.

8. The Many Faced God

Imagine Jaqen H'ghar using an iPhone X: "A man needs to text Arya Stark, Siri."

9. Bye, iPhone X

That price has got people mad.

10. Actually, Hi, iPhone X

Conversely, that price has got people joking about selling their kidneys.

11. Wallet Disagrees

It really disagrees.

12. iPhone X Stunts On iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is pretty cool, too. But iPhone X stole the show today, no question about that.

13. People Want It Bad


14. Apologies To iPhone 7 Plus

I have one, too. I shan't abandon it.

15. iPhone X's Glamorous Entry

This gif is perfect.

16. A Problem For iPhone X

A real challenge.

17. A Valid Concern

Don't forget me, damn it.

18. Give Me Two

Take my savings.

19. A Future Problem For Face ID

If the Game Of Thrones references weren't enough, people made sure no one forgot the movie Face Off. Thank you, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.

20. Another Problem For Face ID And Boyfriends

It is time to print out paper masks of our boyfriends and girlfriends.

21. More Approval

Borat voice approval, to be precise.

22. Good Options

This doesn't seem dangerous at all.

23. Take My Money

All of my quarters.

24. This Tweets Wins

You got Game Of Thrones references and you got jokes about Face Off. But the real winner of today's list of memes and jokes about iPhone X was Michael Gold who shared a Hayao Miyazaki reference. The character No Face from Spirited Away would never be able to use iPhone X. And that's OK. No Face only likes food.

So it's clear, ladies and gentlemen. The resounding majority of the internet really, truly, and madly wants the iPhone X. Just don't sell your kidneys. Keep your kidneys.