MAC Might Be Making a Matte Fix + & Fans Are Freaking Out

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Some beauty products are just cult classics for makeup lovers, and perhaps no brand has more of them than MAC Cosmetics. Now, one of their most iconic and well-known products could be getting a makeover. According to rumors on the internet, a MAC Cosmetics Fix+ Matte could be coming, and it's time for matte skin lovers to rejoice.

Bustle has reached out to MAC Cosmetics for comment.

MAC's Prep & Prime Fix+ spray is a favorite of beauty junkies and YouTube gurus. Why? It's more than likely its plethora of uses. The clear spray with a signature herbal scent is designed to both prep the skin for foundation and can also be used to set the face. However, some gurus use the spray to dampen a beauty blender for a dewy makeup look or to wet a brush when applying shimmering eyeshadows. In doing so, often the pigment of a shadow becomes stronger giving it a more foiled effect. Then, there's using it to make your highlight even more blinding. Basically, it's good for a lot techniques, and at $26 per 3.4oz spray bottle, it's one of the more affordable high-end setting sprays.

The product, however, has typically been used to achieve a dewy complexion. That, however, may no longer be true.

According to a post from popular beauty Instagram account TrendMood, a Fix+ Matte appears to be on its way from the brand. The image on the account's page shows an identical bottle to typical Fix+ designs (nozzle and all), but Fix Matte is written in script across the front.

Why would MAC be releasing the product now? Well, they've already been experimenting with their iconic formula. Only a few weeks ago, the brand announced three new, scented versions of the spray: coconut, lavender, and rose. Since these news iterations of the product have already launched, why not continue to experiment with other versions as well?

As for fan reactions, they seem to be overwhelmingly positive. Comments on TrendMood's Instagram account are hyped.

Fans are shaking in the comments sections.

Some have been waiting for this product.

As for Twitter reactions, they're just as excited on that social media platform.

It's a must-have.

They've been waiting since the womb.

Makeup artists are so ready to get their hands on it.

Some fans are already planning to incorporate both into their routines.

TrendMood isn't the only source for the rumor either. According to an article from Cosmopolitan UK, the new MAC Fix+ Matte was spotted backstage during London Fashion Week. It seems as though MAC Pro artists may already be incorporating the new product into their routines.

As of press time, however, MAC has made no announcements regarding whether the product is, in fact, real or when it will launch if they have developed a matte version of the iconic finishing spray.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+, $26, MAC Cosmetics

While the matte version of Fix+ isn't available (or even confirmed) at this point, you can still snag not just the original but also the three new scents. Plus, if you've never actually used the priming and setting spray before, the company does make a mini travel size that you can try out before taking the plunge into buy the full bottle.

If you've got oily skin or just enjoy a matte look, the rumored new MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ may just be a dream come true for your future makeup looks. Until then, though, there's always the original and its subsequent scents.

Looks like time will tell if the matte version is coming soon. One thing is sure though, fans are hyped and for good reason.