Taylor Swift's New Instagram Could Hold Major Clues About Her Next Album

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although you're probably still jamming to "Shake it Off" in the shower on the regular, it's time to face the fact that it's already been two years since Reputation was released, and by the looks of her new Instagram post, Taylor Swift is teasing a new album. That means more, and possibly even better, shower jams are potentially on their way.

Her latest album release was redefining for her image — a step even further away from her country-style ballad roots. It contains tracks like "Look What You Made Me Do," and "End Game," featuring Future and Ed Sheeran with lyrics that reflect on how much she has changed since she emerged in the music scene as a young girl.

The potential album teaser appeared on Instagram during the afternoon on Sunday, Feb. 24, and it doesn't offer much context. It's a highly edited photo of palm trees — warm exposure and star designs overlay it. Swift captioned the photo with seven palm tree emojis, that's it. So what does that mean?

She has comments disabled from her Instagram posts, so fans took to Twitter to discuss and theorize. Some read the number of palm trees — seven — to signify her seventh studio album in the making. That theory doesn't seem so far fetched, but wait until you hear the others.

Another fan, Twitter user @annaandmitch, suggested that the number of stars edited onto the photo — 61 — mean that the album could release in 61 days on Friday, April 26. "Another connection is April 26 is Arbor Day, a connection to PALM TREES!?" the fan added. Someone needs to make a version of National Treasure featuring T-Swift fans only, because they are down to crack some codes.

Another Twitter user, @dont_blame_13, had a particularly interesting palm-tree observation — a more interesting version of the seventh album theory. "2 trees are on one side and 4 on the other," @dont_blame_13 on Twitter wrote. "Taylor have 4 country albums and 2 pop albums. 7th tree is BIGGEST ONE and it's in the middle. OMG SOMETHING IS COMING SOON." Could the clue mean that her next album will combine her country and pop roots in a totally unexpected way?

Swift first teased her seventh studio album in Oct. 2018 with a Scrabble board clue that had everyone convinced she has new music waiting in the wings for her fans. That cryptic post led to a number of theories as well, but this new image seems even more loaded.

While it could be some time before Swift makes an official announcement, the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer knows how to get her fans hyped. Her latest Instagram post is about as cryptic as you can get, but Swifties know their favorite singer never does something without a reason. Whether the palm trees signify her upcoming seventh album or something else entirely, there's definitely something big brewing in the land of Swift.

Now, if only the singer would, you know, actually tell fans what it is.