Is Alex Single On 'The Bachelorette'? He Seems Pretty Available These Days

Paul Hebert/ABC

Between Monday and Tuesday's new Bachelorette episodes, so many contestants were sent packing, and unfortunately, that list includes Alex, who's best known for his Russian heritage. But now that he's gone, is Alex single after The Bachelorette, or has he already moved on from Rachel? According to his social media, it doesn't seem like there's a special lady in his life just yet, but then again... his Instagram makes it seem like he has all the support he needs in his life.

It was pretty heartbreaking to see Alex go on Monday night, and it definitely wasn't an easy decision for Rachel. Before she announced he was the one she'd be eliminating, she admitted that this was the hardest decision she'd have to make so far, and she couldn't hold back her tears. Alex looked disappointed, too, of course, and fans will miss him. Why? Well, no one else could have danced on strangers like he did on the set of The Ellen Show on that group date, now could they?

And although there's no evidence that he's dating someone new just yet, it seems all he needs is his BFF, Valentino Smith, especially since he shares his Instagram account with him.

Whoever Alex dates in the future will definitely have to be down with Valentino, because it doesn't seem like he's going anywhere. And if Alex is truly still bummed about Rachel, it's good to see that he has such a good pal to lean on. You know what they say: If they're close enough to share an Instagram account... well, then they can probably support each other through a breakup. Or something like that.

And since the world has gotten a chance to see how sweet and funny he is on The Bachelorette, finding that next special woman won't be too difficult, even if he just wants to do him for awhile. Alex seems like a blast to hang out with.