Alexis Made Many Friends On 'The Bachelor'

Rick Rowell/ABC

For all of the gimmicks and funny dates that Bachelor producers like to throw at the contestants, a few things are certain in every season of The Bachelor. The first is that there will always be a hot tub (even if you have to heat it yourself, like JoJo did on The Bachelorette) and a helicopter; the second is that the two-on-one date will be awkward AF; and the third is that the friendships between the contestants will be funnier than the relationship between the Bachelor/ette and whomever he or she chooses. It’s just science! Not everyone can win The Bachelor, so I’m here to ask – is Alexis single after The Bachelor?

Alexis is undoubtedly the most fun contestant on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. While you have Corinne talking about her nanny and carrying on about how her lady parts are plated in precious medals, Alexis makes up the other side of the spectrum, admitting that she’s afraid of actor Nicolas Cage, thinking through her dolphin-training plans, and having fun with the other contestants. There’s a lot of downtime on The Bachelor, and if you’re not on a date, you have to find some way to spend your time, no?

That leads me to my next point — with a deep dive through Alexis’ social media, there is no evidence at all that she’s dating someone post-Bachelor. Now, I know that all of the Bachelor contestants are probably on a dating-on-social-media blackout because it would ruin certain aspects of the show. If we know that say, Rachel has a boyfriend at home now or Corinne is engaged to some guy she met right after the show (neither are true, I’m just giving examples), it would give viewers less incentive to watch to see who Nick picks. From what I can see, Alexis doesn’t have a boyfriend, but who knows? Probably only Alexis.

What is apparent from her social media, though, is how many friendships that Alexis continued after filming wrapped. From the looks of it, Alexis is hanging out with Whitney in Miami…

…and she’s sending out Twitter signals to her new bestie, Raven, among others.

Who needs a boyfriend or a husband when you inherited a pack of true-blue best friends? The odds aren't in your favor anyway to bring home a husband on The Bachelor, and I myself would rather have some best friends for a lifetime anyway. Friends are forever, and I'm sure the experience of being on The Bachelor is something to bond you to a gal for life.

Alexis even recognizes how crazy it is to be competing for a man on The Bachelor:

Whether she has a boyfriend at home after The Bachelor or not, Alexis knows that the relationships she has with her fellow contestants are more fulfilling and, dare I say, entertaining than anything she may have had with Nick, and that's always a good thing to remember.