Is Annie from 'Girlboss' Based On a Real Person?

by Danielle Jackson

Netflix's new original series Girlboss calls itself a "loose retelling" of the early life of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, played by Britt Robertson as the fictionalized Sophia Marlowe. The show's first season deals with the rise of Amoruso's multi-million dollar fashion empire, but it also includes a few other story lines featuring other characters that were able to shape her story, like Annie, her best friend. But is Annie from Girlboss based on a real person? Since it's made very clear at the beginning of every episode that the show is a "real loose" retelling of Amoruso's life, there's a chance that Annie might not be based on a real person.

While Sophia in Girlboss is based on Amoruso, there's no word that Annie could have a real-life counterpart. Amoruso's actual first employee at Nasty Gal was Christina Ferrucci, who she hired on Craigslist, and she could be the inspiration for Annie, reported Racked. According to Deadline's character description of Annie, she's a character "who is a bit of a wild woman and the life of any party." In the series, viewers get to know Annie as Sophia's best friend, who she met after being detained at a Dodgers game. This was the catalyst for the beginning of their friendship, and by the time Sophia started her business, Annie was basically her right-hand man, helping fill many of her orders and eventually planning her website's launch party.

Girlboss shows that the she and Sophia had been friends years before she began helping out with Nasty Gal. As we learn in "Top 8," she once saved her from being attacked by a gang of baseball fans at the Dodgers game they met at, broke up a fight between Sophia and a cocktail waitress once upon a time, and even hitched a ride with a truck driver when the duo hitchhiked to Coachella. As far as the show's storyline goes, it's clear that Sophia wouldn't have necessarily ended the season on such a high note had it not been for all the times that Annie had been there for her.

Even if Annie isn't based on a real person, it definitely doesn't take away from the hilarity that we get from watching Annie and Sophia's friendship play out on screen.