Bekah M. Has Serious Doubts About Arie's Relationship Post-'Bachelor'

Paul Hebert/ABC

With The Bachelor’s two-night finale beginning March 5, it won’t be long now until viewers have all of the answers to all of their burning questions about Arie and his love life. One of the most pressing questions is whether or not Arie is still engaged after The Bachelor, but fans of the show may not need to wait until the show’s finale to find that out. In fact, there are hints abound that suggest Arie’s got a wedding band around his finger, or at the very least, a woman by his side.

Arie hasn’t been shy about saying from the beginning that he fell in love with two women over the course of his experience. It stands to reason then, that if he fell in love with two women, he would propose to one of them. And, way back at the beginning of the season, in a promotional trailer, Arie was shown holding an engagement ring box. In the same video, he can be heard talking about his experience on the show, and finding love.

“Along this journey, I went through so much confusion ... My biggest fear was getting to the end and proposing to someone who wasn’t ready. But now, I don’t know, I just really see it with her and I just hope that she can see it with me too,” he said. “I’m nervous. I’m scared. I’m going to tell this girl that I love her and hopefully get down on one knee and I just hope that I don’t regret it.”

Sounds like he certainly handed a ring to someone. But, did she take it?

At one point during the Women Tell All special, former contestant Caroline grilled Arie. Although, it is uncertain what exactly she was referring to, she revealed, “I know what [Arie] did and I don’t know how [he] could do that.” Clearly hurt, Caroline spoke through tears on behalf of her friend, whom she felt that Arie had wronged in some way. While fans don’t know exactly what happened, they can make a good guess as to who Caroline was talking about. Between Lauren and Becca, it is clear that Caroline is closer friends with Becca, as evidenced through several photos with the two of them together on Instagram. Following the logic there, if Arie had broken Becca’s heart, it is likely that he would have then proposed to Lauren.

Further evidence of the fact that Lauren and Arie are together, if not engaged, can be found on their Instagram profiles. Arie’s profile has been appropriately secretive — he’s posted no photos with either Lauren or Becca. However, Lauren’s Instagram showcases numerous photos of them together. It would be strange for her to post so many photos of the pair hugging, touching, and even kissing each other, if they were not still together.

The Bachelor has had its fair share of drama-filled finales, and this season is certainly shaping up to be no exception. Drama or not though, former contestant Bekah has confirmed that Arie will wind up with someone. However, she’s not confident that the couple will last. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she expressed her doubts. "I don't see him being with this person for the rest of his life … I don't. I just don't think that's what he wants right now, if he's being honest with himself and honest with the world,” she said. “I think it's odd [that he would worry about choosing the wrong person]. I think that if you fear yourself making a wrong decision that much, you're probably not very in touch with yourself."

Fans cannot be sure of a successful engagement between Arie and either of the remaining women. That confirmation will not come until after the finale has aired. However, there are indications that he will end this experience in a relationship and the clues point to one with Lauren. Whether they wind up engaged or not is anyone’s guess. Even former contestants like Bekah aren’t completely sure about Arie’s future. I guess now it's up to Arie and his final woman to tell their own stories.