Is 'Bachelor In Paradise' Airing On Labor Day?

ABC/Paul Hebert

For those accustomed to Bachelor In Paradise's bi-weekly dose of drama, Labor Day marks a bit of a conundrum. One the one hand, it's an added day off to soak in the last long weekend of summer. On the other, the looming holiday may mean a longer wait for the next episode of Bachelor Nation's fun-centric spinoff. But those wondering if Bachelor In Paradise will be on during Labor Day needn't fret: It will. Per TV Guide, the show will air on Monday, Sept. 4 in its regularly scheduled time slot, and from the sounds of it, it will be cranking up the heat (and danger). Here's the provided description, for your perusal:

"A new arrival talks to every woman in Paradise before one accepts his date card; a hotter new arrival gets an easy date, even though her last date thought they were an item; double daters go speed boating and zip lining; an eager suitor takes a cautious bachelorette to a town fair."

Thus far, Danielle Lombard, Dominique Alexis, Christen Whitney, and Sarah Vendal have all flown into Mexico to shake things up. And last week, Daniel Maguire crashed the beach mid-rose ceremony to give one woman another shot at finding love, following an appearance from none other than self-proclaimed tickle monster Jonathan Treece.

So, who's still slated to stir the pot this season? We've yet to to see Whaboom's sworn enemy Blake Elarbee, Nick Viall castoff Jaimi King, twins Haley and Emily Ferguson, or Fred Johnson (you know, the guy who, last we saw, was still nursing a longtime elementary school crush on Rachel Lindsay). So unless BiP has some tricks up its sleeve — which let's be honest, isn't far out of the question — expect to see one or more of them show up during the Labor Day episode. (Though from the sounds of it, Jaimi won't arrive until the Tuesday night episode).

All in all, it's shaping up to be another big week in Paradise. This season has had its fair share of setbacks, but it won't be waylaid by any holiday. So, Bachelor Nation fans, rest easy, Bachelor In Paradise will still be there to cap off your Labor Day weekend.