Is Bill Clinton Trolling The Trump Administration?

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Millions of Americans and social media commentators have mocked the Trump administration's insistence that the current president was wiretapped by his predecessor, but now another former president appears to be joining in on the fun. Bill Clinton may have trolled the Trump administration with his latest Twitter post, and one can only hope that it was really intentional.

"BREAKING: We just learned that the Clinton Center has been bugged," President Clinton tweeted Sunday afternoon, along with a picture of himself standing next to a statue of a giant bug. The bug seems to be part of a new educational exhibit at the Clinton Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the former president couldn't miss the opportunity to make the joke. The Clinton Center account also quoted the tweet and warned visitors to "please bee advised."

While there's no proof that President Clinton actually intended to take a dig at the Trump administration, it's difficult not to draw that conclusion. Donald Trump has been adamant that he believes the Obama administration spied on him during his presidential campaign, despite a complete and total lack of evidence. Many of his senior advisors have had to defend Trump's belief in the claim, to varying degrees of success. But for the most part, the public has laughingly rejected the idea that President Obama bugged Trump.

President Clinton's picture could be the latest in the endless stream of jokes born from the alleged wiretapping controversy, which also brought the world the microwave espionage and Sean Spicer movie plots memes. Or it could just be a classic dad joke about bugs.

Of course, President Clinton has more motive than almost anyone to clap back at Trump, since Trump became president by disrespecting and degrading Hillary Clinton. Although making fun of him on Twitter may not be the most presidential behavior, President Clinton does deserve the opportunity to mock a little bit, and besides, presidential behavior doesn't have such a strict definition anymore anyway.

It seems like this tweet could have been a purposeful dig at Trump, and it's comforting to think that the Clintons had a private laugh about it.