All The Reasons Bachelor Nation Is Convinced Blake Is The Next Bachelor

by Jordan Lauf
Paul Hebert/ABC

In just a matter of hours, Bachelorette Becca will find herself once again in a familiar spot: Waiting for a proposal, on national television. With only two men left in the running, the finale is sure to feature tears, dramatic exits, and heartbreak. As we know from Becca's last televised engagement, literally anything can happen. Will everyone's favorite bowtie-lover be sent home broken hearted? And, maybe more importantly, if he gets rejected, will Blake be the next Bachelor?

In order to become the next Bachelor, Blake would have to be sent home by Becca, and right now, that's looking like it's the furthest thing from possible. Blake was the first guy to tell Becca that he was in love with her, and though she hasn't yet told him, Becca has confessed to the cameras that she's in love with Blake too. Cue the awws. Good on Becca for not making the same mistake as Ben Higgins, but it was sooo frustrating to watch Blake tell her he loved her again after their hometown date and not be able to hear those words back from her. She hasn't said that she was in love with any of the other contestants yet this season, making Blake the clear frontrunner. If Becca sends him home, it would be a shock to his fans.

But as any Bachelor Nation fan knows, the show wouldn't be complete without a shocking breakup. And there's no reason that this season will be any different. If Blake is sent home, there's an extremely good chance that he'll be the next Bachelor. He checks all the right boxes. He's funny, smart, stayed out of most of the drama this season, and will have a great heartbreak story, setting him up for redemption in a new season. Blake was definitely there for the "right reasons," which is why I can't think of a single reason why Blake wouldn't be the next Bachelor. Unless, of course, he ends up engaged to Becca.

Currently, Blake's Instagram and Twitter pages are full of pictures of him and Becca from the show, providing no evidence that he could be currently in talks to be the star of the next season of The Bachelor. Chris Harrison's Twitter has also been silent on the issue. So there aren't any concrete clues as to who will be the new Bachelor right now, but that's totally to be expected. It's likely that ABC's pick won't be announced until the After the Final Rose live show, or maybe even after that, if producers are having a hard time making their selection.

Even though Blake is still currently in the running for Becca's heart, Twitter is already starting to daydream about the possibility he'll be the next Bachelor if things don't work out.

It's As If Everyone Is #TeamBlake

Only time will tell whether Blake will be gracing America's screens once again, this time at the center of his own fairytale. Of course, there's always Bachelor In Paradise, too.