'Brassic' Took Inspo From Actor Joe Gilgun's IRL Experiences In The Most Honest Way


Sky's new show Brassic is the hot topic on everyone's lips. Already receiving rave reviews, the dark-as-night comedy is one that's sure to pull at your heartstrings from start to finish. Set against a backdrop of bleakness and no hope, but showing love and friendship wins through despite these things, this show has a heck of a lot of heart. This show was co-created Joe Gilgun, who has the same mental condition as the character he plays. So it's easy to wonder is Brassic based on a true story?

Although the show isn't specifically based on a true story, The Sun reports that, during a radio interview with Chris Evans, Gilgun revealed that his character Vinnie is definitely inspired by him. Citing his bipolar disorder, which he has always been very open about. Gilgun told Evans:

"The truest side of it is the mental health side, I do suffer from bipolar. I am very open and candid about that."

During the interview, the actor spoke about the importance of raising awareness about the issue of men's mental health and the communication issues felt by many. He said:

"In particular men struggle to talk about feelings, especially when we are struggling and I think the reason for that is you kind of need to learn, and if no one has ever shown you or if you have never given it go, it can be very difficult knowing what you need, especially telling people you are in a tough place."

However, when speaking to Evans about how similar he and Vinnie are, Gilgun pointed out that there is one particular difference in them. And that's in terms of their coolness levels, and their careers:

"I'd say me and Vinnie ... are very very similar, and the lines become very blurred for me. I suppose Vinnie is a cooler version of me, he shoulders his problems a lot better than me ... He is a bipolar career criminal."
Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The show, based in Lancashire, has already received rave reviews including Evans saying, "It's the funniest thing I've ever seen".

Set in the backdrop of a working class neighbourhood, Vinnie is a bit of a jack the lad who's getting by in a life as a career criminal. All of this while trying to live with bipolar disorder. His gang of friends are his lifeline, especially his best mate Dylan (Damien Maloney). The pair have what can only be descried as a co-dependent relationship. So when Dylan is left with the impossible choice of leaving town with the love of his life Erin (Michelle Keegan) or staying put with Vinnie, their whole world gets turned upside down. Battling between his love for his partner, her son, and a potential fresh start, and loyalty to his best mate and band of rapscallion peers, Dylan has a difficult choice to make.

The show is a Sky original and is further proving that, when it comes to top-notch, high-quality comedy, Sky are the ones to watch.

Watch Brassic on Sky and NowTV from Aug. 22 2019.