Cersei Dropped A Bombshell On Jaime During 'GoT'

by Victoria McNally
Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Just when you think Game of Thrones doesn't have any more surprises to throw your way, it drops a bombshell on you — or, more accurately, an unborn baby. Did you think Cersei and Jaime were going to be the end of the Lannister family line? Because that would assume that they aren't going to keep having sex with each other like they've been doing for basically their entire lives, which, as we all know, tends to lead to children. In fact, Cersei just told Jaime that she's pregnant on the latest episode of Game Of Thrones — and that she's planning on telling everyone that it's his baby. Yikes.

Now that Cersei has all the power as the Queen (rightful or otherwise) of Westeros, it's been pretty clear that she doesn't care what anybody else thinks of her. Just a few episodes ago, she had no qualms letting her handmaids see her getting hot and heavy with her own brother, when previously she used to have enemies killed for even suggesting that her children might be the result of incest. Now all those children are dead, which gives Cersei a very strong incentive to keep the child she's claims she's currently carrying, despite having no husband or male lover who isn't related to her.

It's true that Jaime loves Cersei more than anyone else on the planet, but even he looks concerned by the idea that other people will know, definitively, that the two are engaged in an incestuous relationship. He has every reason to be, too — Cersei isn't exactly a popular queen, and he's seen firsthand just how dangerous even just one of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons can be.

Sure, technically he wasn't there to see most of his captive army immediately bend the knee to Dany at the sight of her, but I can definitely see him figuring that if their choices are "evil queen who defies the laws of nature and sleeps with her own brother" and "evil queen whose family is legally permitted to sleep with family members and who owns giant fire-breathing terror machines," they're going to pick the latter queen eventually.

Cersei's pregnancy also adds an interesting wrinkle into a long-held fan theory that Jaime will be the one to stop Cersei before she does something truly terrible, just as he did when faced with the Mad King Aerys. If Cersei is pregnant, that might cause him to hesitate, or not go through with it at all. Or, if he is forced to kill Cersei, it'll make the angst that much more potent. It might be an incest baby, but it's also an innocent incest baby, and it's not like all of Jaime's previous kids grew up to be Joffrey-level monsters.

But who knows? Pregnancies end in tragedy all the time on this show — just look at how Daenerys' child with Drogo turned out (reminder: he didn't), or at what happened to Jon Snow's mother (second reminder: she died). Not that I'm rooting for Cersei to lose her baby or die in childbirth, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time Game of Thrones threw us for a total loop. At this point, it's almost inevitable.