'Famously Single' May Have Prepped Chad Johnson For A Big Commitment

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there is one thing that you can count on like the sun rising each morning, it's that Bachelor/Bachelorette villains won't shrink away into obscurity after their reigns of terror during their respective seasons. E!'s reality show Famously Single was the perfect place for a certain deli-meat-eating, shirt-ripping former contestant to meet some new people and get on the road to a happy, healthy relationship. That's right, this season, everyone's favorite Bachelorette bad boy Chad Johnson joined the cast. He wasn't the one for JoJo Fletcher, but did Chad find love on this particular reality series? Is Chad still single after Famously Single?

Well, it doesn't look like Chad came out of the Famously Single experience dating someone from the show but it also doesn't look like he is currently flying solo either. Let me explain. Chad told Access Hollywood in an on-air interview that he is indeed going to be seen getting pretty cozy with fellow Famously Single cast member Karina Smirnoff when the show airs, but they won't make it out of the experience as a couple. After doing a little Internet sleuthing myself, I discovered that there may be someone else special in his life. Yes, it looks like Chad is currently Instagram official with model Zoe Baron. That's right, legitimately Instagram official.

Chad spoke to People and actually discussed his relationship with Baron saying, "On a scale from one to happy, I am totally happy." He even hinted that he might be ready to say that big L-word soon, which is completely amazing and completely shocking all at the same time. Is Chad really going to settle down?

He also revealed in the same People interview that Baron was apparently the initiator of communication between the two. According to him, she reached out to his business email and asked him how she could get in shape. Way to take charge with a smooth line, girl! Baron also seems to share and appreciate his sense of humor, which is so important.

So, while it looks like Chad is currently off the market, it will still be fun to see him go through the process of preparing himself for a healthy, happy relationship this season on Famously Single.